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Andrew Steer Has Been Named The Head Of Bezos Earth Fund By Jeff Bezos

Andrew Steer Has Been Named The Head Of Bezos Earth Fund By Jeff Bezos

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Steer’s appointment comes as Jeff Bezos is due to step down as CEO of Amazon later this year and hand over the helm to Andy Jassy. Bezos is expected to turn his attention to projects such as the Earth Fund, his space company Blue Origin, the Washington Post, and Amazon’s Day 1 Fund.

Steer will leave WRI to take on a new role as president and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund, it said in a statement. Manish Bapna, who previously served as WRI Executive Vice President and Managing Director, will serve as the company’s interim President. Steer led the WRI for more than eight years, overseeing an era of expanded growth, reach and influence, the statement said. Prior to joining the WRI, Steer worked as the World Bank’s Special Representative on Climate Change. The fund announced Steer’s hiring in an Instagram post with a photo of him.
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Bezos stated, ” The passion and commitment of our global team are inspiring. Together we are shifting the narrative of sustainable development and striving for a better future for people and planets”. The Earth Fund hopes to provide $10 billion by 2030.

The work is expected to cost more than $1 billion a year. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans to spend the $10 billion in the Bezos Earth Fund by 2030, the company said Tuesday. Bezos announced the fund in February 2020 but gave little away about how it will be used to combat the climate crisis.
The Bezos Earth Fund aims to accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy and equitable access to healthy air, water, and land.

On 18th February 2020, Bezos announced he is forming a 10 billion USD Bezos Earth Fund to provide grants starting summer 2020 to scientists, activists, and NGOs focusing on climate change. Bezos calls climate change the biggest threat to our planet. amazon has previously faced criticism for the impact the company has on the environment. one climate activist said Amazon’s deliveries emitted an estimated 19 million tonnes of carbon in 2017 which is equivalent to 5 power plants.

The Bezos Earth Fund seems to be Amazon’s answer to its own record on carbon emissions. Amazon has pledged to reach full carbon neutrality by the year 2040. Its recent sustainability report showed that its carbon footprint, for now, is rising quickly it’s up by 15%  in 2019 compared to 2018, when the company disclosed its emissions for the first time.

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