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Android 12 will force apps to use Android’s official ‘Sharesheet’ to avoid inconsistency

Android 12

Source: Gizchina.com

Google is all set to launch its next iteration of the Android Operating System called “Android 12” and this time, the company is majorly focusing on the User Interface to improve the Android user experience. Not that there are no significant features to be hyped about, but aesthetics is something that Google is aiming for in its latest Android 12 OS.

Having said that, the Android-maker is making some significant changes with respect to its relationship with developers and the freedom of change that they have been given with Android being an open-source Operating System, unlike Apple’s iOS. One of the changes that Google is introducing with Android 12 is the ability of app developers to change Android’s official ‘Sharesheet’ which causes inconsistency within the Android ecosystem.

It often happens that when we open a photo, video, link or document on one app and share it with another, it doesn’t always open the content with the same viewing format. This happens because Android app developers have the ability to customise the ‘Sharesheet’ which causes significant inconsistency within apps. Android certainly lacks a uniform user experience and this is a major reason behind that phenomenon.

Well, the good news is that Google is changing this with Android 12 by forcing apps to only use Android’s official Sharesheet. This change will allow users to have a better user experience with a more consistent flow of overall usage, especially when it comes to sharing documents, images, videos and more.

Google mentions in a statement to XDA Developers that it never intended to allow apps to replace its stock Android share dialog, the intent was to allow these apps to launch the sharesheet. In addition to this, the company mentioned that with Android 12, replacing the share dialog would be nearly impossible for apps. Apps will not be able to customise the direct share part of the Android 12 User Interface, neither with the personal nor with the work profile tabs. Google also says that allowing something like this isn’t feasible anymore, according to a report by Engadget.

The problem began with Google allowing Android app developers to customise Sharesheet in the first place and changing that would be the first step to take the charge back. Android 12 will introduce its own Android Official sharesheet, non-customisable and this will allow Android users to have a much better consistent experience with Android, like never before. Thus, Android 12 is going to be a lot better than its predecessors.





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