Logo depicted a hacker
Source: The Economic Times

Anonymous welcomes Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan on hacked Chinese government website
Anonymous said the the hack is a form of retaliation for the DDoS attack on Taiwan presidential office

Image depicting Nancy Polesi and a hacker
Anonymous welcomes Nacy Pelosi to Taiwan on hacked Chinese government website
Source: Republic World

Anonymous, the Decentralised International hacking organisation took control of a government site of China this week. On August 3, it went on to invite Nancy Pelosi, the United States House Speaker through the website. Currently, Pelosi is on a visit to Taiwan.

This week, the group initiated a hacking into the site of the Heilongjiang Society Scientific Community Federation of China. This was specified by a representative of the organisation ‘Allez-op_omi.’

Reportedly, Anonymous went on to put up a particular html page which had in it then phrase ‘Taiwan Numbah Wan’ written. Along with it, the page had the national flag and emblem of the country, pictures of the US House Speaker and that of Tsao Ing-wen, the Taiwanese President. It also had a phrase stating how Taiwan is inviting Nancy Pelosi, the US speaker, as well as many other inclusions.

As the set was published on the site, the website, as well as the defacement had been successful taken offline. Unfortunately, the group has reportedly has kept an archive of this on Wayback Machine of Internet Archives.

The order of the images published on the site:

Initially, the picture to come on top was the organisation’s logo, with the meme slogan of ‘Taiwan Numbah Wah’ coming right after. Turns out, this was related to a quote which AngryPug, a video game streamer has expressed about seven years ago, to alienate Em0, the Chinese streamer at the time of a match in the H1Z1 game. After the phrase, came the national flag and emblem of the country right after the other. Further, the set depicted the photographs of the US speaker and the Taiwan President, with the sentence welcoming Pelosi right after this.

Soon following this, Anonymous attached the music video of a Mandopop song, Fragile which Namewee, a rapper from Malaysia, and Kimberley Chen an Australia singer based in Taiwan, sang. Following this, came a video which played the national anthem of the country. After this, came the video that depicted a display of a series of signs welcoming Nancy Pelosi on Taipei 101. The messages were in English saying she is welcome to Taiwan, further thanking her.

Subsequently, the group attached a comment saying ‘Aged like milk.’ right after the July 30 post from Andy Boreham, who is from New Zealand. According to the decentralised group, the hacking of this was a form of retaliation for a DDoS attack.