Apple Card not working memesm

Apple Card trends on twitter as users face roadblock while using the same for pre-ordering their iPhone 13.

Apple Card is the talk of the Twitter town today as eager users face a roadblock while using the same for pre-ordering their iPhone 13. The problem is quite widespread and the distress of the users is well reflected on Twitter as Apple Card enters the trending list. Following the event that caused quite a stir among the Apple fans, the iPhone 13 family became available for pre-order on Saturday. However, a good number of customers faced troubles while trying to use the Apple Card to the extent that it became the raging topic of discussion on Twitter. Users are expressing their distress in the form of hilarious memes that have filled every bit of space on Twitter today.

Apple card

Responses on Twitter

As Apple Card showed the customers a red card during the check-out process, users took to Twitter to vent out their frustration. Being faced with such a roadblock when they are on the pinnacle of excitement is not exactly pleasing. Apple card which was introduced in the year 2019 holds a lot of intrigue among Apple users owing to the fact that it lets the users make purchases with a 3 percent cash back. What is more interesting is the fact that users are able to place their orders using their credit cards. Seems like we never run out of irony. For now, let us flip through the long chain of hilarious memes that have raised their head on Twitter.

Now that is another level of distress.

Insanity can take different forms.

Just two thumbs down. That was rather sweet I would say.

Apple, stop surprising people like this.

Apple, on whose side are you?

And then, there are some legends like this.

That is not weird at all.

Perhaps, this is the Universe’s way of asking you to wait.

Let us consider the silver lining here. You get to inculcate the virtue of patience.

As someone, somewhere said, “Life is full of surprises.”