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Apple Inc. to begin production of iPhone 12 series in India this quarter


Source: Deccan Herald

Apple Inc. has recently announced that it may begin the production of its latest iPhone 12 series along with other products in India from as early as this quarter. This news comes right after the iPhone maker announced that it has recorded its best quarter in India in terms of sales that ended in December 2020.

India is now considered as one of the largest mobile markets in the world and Apple has been planning to begin the production of its iPhone 12 series in the country through contract manufacturers.

In recent reports, it is revealed that Apple Inc. is ramping up its production of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other products in India and Vietnam to ultimately end its dependence on China for assembling and manufacturing its units. As confirmed in a report by Nikkei Asia, the tech giant may begin the production of its latest iPhone 12 series in India from as soon as this quarter.

Apple has recently recorded an increased market share to 4% in India in 2020’s last quarter that ended in December. Due to Apple’s best-selling and borderline affordable iPhone models which include the new generation iPhone SE, iPhone XR and iPhone 11, the company has sold over 1.5 million devices in Quarter 4 last year. The tech giant is already assembling these iPhones along with older iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models through its contract manufacturers.

According to multiple reports from diversified sources, it is said that Apple and many other technology companies are working to move out of the Chinese mainland. These companies are looking to build manufacturing units outside of China and India is among the many markets that Apple has chosen to begin production in.

Vietnam is another such market where Apple is most likely to shift the production of iPads. It is expected that the iPhone maker will begin the production of its iPad devices in Vietnam from as soon as mid-2021.

As mentioned in a report by Business Standard, Apple has already moved its production units of Mac Mini to Malaysia. The company is speculated to spread its core production markets outside of China and India is one of the largest mobile markets with a lot of potential in the near future.

Last year, Apple also launched its official online store in India which has played a major role in increased sales during the last quarter in 2020. The company even offered a variety of its financing schemes along with its lucrative offers on iPhone 11 models. At one point, Apple was giving away AirPods for free along with iPhone 11 devices.

iPhone 12 series manufacturing in India is a good sign for consumers as local production may bring down the cost of these expensive devices.





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