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Apple introduces ‘search suggestions’ on App Store for relevant search predictions

Apple App Store

Source: MobileSyrup

Apple Inc., the iPhone maker is one of the top technology companies that is breaking the barriers of product designs and ecosystem efficiency. There is no other company, big or small that can match the level of consistency, connectivity and efficiency that the Apple Ecosystem brings to the table. The seamless transitions between Apple products and services are so phenomenal that Apple users find it nearly unquestionable to switch to Android, even for a change! Apple is one company that consistently betters itself over previous models, products or services and users love that about the company.

Having said that, the iPhone maker has added one more useful feature to its App Store that will really save your time and energy when finding new apps. Yes, Apple has recently introduced its “Search Suggestions” feature on the App Store that will make it a lot easier for users to find what they are looking for with relevant suggestions. Just type in the keyword in the search bar and App Store will automatically give you suggested words, simply tap on the one that you are specifically looking for and boom, Apple App Store will show you the most relevant app suggestion, select the one that you want to download and you are good to go.

This new feature is meant to narrow down your hunt for new apps or specific applications and speed up the process which is exactly what users need.

As mentioned in several reports, using the search suggestion feature is not at all complicated. If you are looking for a relevant Instagram Story Editor application, just type in the keyword “Instagram” and it will show you relevant search words like Instagram, Instagram posts, Instagram for iPhone, Instagram Video downloader, Instagram Story maker etc.  Just click on any of these keyword suggestions that are most specific to your search and all relevant apps will appear. In this case, I will select Instagram Story maker and all applications will narrow down to my specific search input.

According to a report by The Verge, this feature is only available on App Stores in the United States of America, United Kingdoms, Canada and Australia for starters and will most certainly expand to more geographies later on.

However, there is a controversial aspect always attached with every decision and in this case, critics are contemplating on whether this feature will show only the top applications and mask new ones with ranking. Is it possible for start-ups or new apps to not get recognition at all and only the top relevant applications only show in the search results?

Well, there is a high possibility that this feature could wind up to be equally beneficial for everyone using the App Store, so no need to worry!



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