Apple iPhone 14 assembling started by Pegatron in India
Apple iPhone 14 assembling started by Pegatron in India

Apple iPhone 14 assembling started by Pegatron in India
Apple has started the assembling of its new Apple iPhone 14 series smartphone in India on its Pegatron plant

Apple iPhone 14 assembling started by Pegatron in India
Apple iPhone 14 assembling started by Pegatron in India

Yes, you read it right in the headlines! Apple has started assembling its new Apple iPhone 14 series smartphones in India in its new manufacturing plant built by one of Apple’s major manufacturers Pegatron. Does this mean we will see the pricing for the new iPhone 14 series go down? Here we have brought the answer for everything you should know, so do check out our complete post to know more:

Apple iPhone 14 Series assembling starts in India 

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that the Taiwanese-based Apple’s main manufacturer, Pegatron has started off assembling the new Apple iPhone 14 series in its plant located in India. The assembling of the new iPhone 14 starts right after Foxconn, who also manufactures iPhones for Apple started the assembling of this flagship in India.

Talking more about this report, it was confirmed back in September that Foxconn has started assembling the flagship at its assembling factory located in Chennai.

After a month or so, we got a new update from Apple’s another major manufacturer about their plans to start assembling the new flagship in India. This step has been taken by Apple to ensure the supply chains and availability of its products for its customers.

Apple sees India as an alternative to produce their iPhones

To get an idea about Apple’s plans, first, you should know how Apple started manufacturing its products in India. Apple had to look out for an alternative production base due to the highly intense trade wars between Washington and Beijing administrations. 

Also, recently we got a report saying that Apple’s biggest iPhone manufacturing hub located in Zhengzhou was put under lockdown as a part of China government’s newly implemented Zero Covid policy. This lockdown has affected the Cupertino giant’s entire supply chain structure.

To tackle the situation, Apple had to look out for an alternative option to produce their iPhones and reduce their dependency on China. This was the exact time when the government of India was opening up for the Make In India initiative and was welcoming many foreign manufacturers to locally produce their products in the country.

This initiative attracted the Cupertino giant and soon, Apple signed to build two of its manufacturing hubs led by Pegatron and Foxconn.

After seeing a positive response not only in manufacturing but also in sales within the country, Apple has been taking the Indian smartphone market on a serious note.

Apple has considered India as its next hub and currently, the Cupertino giant is planning to shift a quarter of its manufacturing lineup to India before 2025.

Good news for Indian Apple users?

We have a report from JP Morgan Analysts which says that Apple will be assembling 5 percent of its entire iPhone 14 production in India before the end of 2022. 

Is this good news for Indian Apple users? It’s a big yes! By moving its production to India, Apple will be able to save a large chunk of import charges thus helping to cut the cost of its iPhones assembled in India. This was the same story that happened after they launched their iPhone 13 series which saw a whopping price drop!