Diablo 4 May Launch In April 2023

Rumor says Diablo 4 is reported to release in April 2023, with preorders open in December. More recently, reports suggested that Blizzards Diablo 4 would be shown off on the Game Awards 2022 show on Dec. 8, 2022, with the title formally set for release globally in April 2023. According to a report, the Blizzards Diablo 4 release date is scheduled to take place next April 2023. As reported by Windows Central, sources confirmed Diablo 4 is set to receive its official release date during The Game Awards ceremony in 2022, sometime next month.

While we knew that Diablo 4 The Legendary Series would be coming out next year, the new reports suggest it could come out as early as April. As one of the biggest launches from Activision-Blizzard in 2023, we knew that Diablo 4 was coming next year, but more recently, sources from Windows Central and XboxEra confirmed the game was scheduled to release in the first half of 2023. Windows Central says the game is scheduled to launch in April 2023, and preorders for the game, which will give players beta access, likely sometime in February, go live during The Game Awards in December.

As Windows Central has noted, on the latest episode of the XboxEra Podcast, the team discussed how Diablo 4 would receive a new, very fancy trailer during The Game Awards in December, which would also unveil a special edition, as well as early access and an open beta sometime in February 2023. According to both the XboxEra podcast and some other sources, Blizzard is planning an extensive marketing push for Diablo 4, starting at The Game Awards in 2022, which is when an April 2023 release window is expected to be revealed.


Diablo 4 fans have no choice but to wait patiently until The Game Awards 2022 and hope Blizzard actually does reveal the launch date at the event. Blizzard has actually stated that the closed Beta is going to end very soon, and the game open test phase is going to start at the beginning of 2023, which is the timeline of the game’s release date, which will certainly be consistent with these recent unsanctioned leaks.

Considering Diablo 4s closed beta is now underway, a full release sometime in the first half of next year really makes sense. According to information from XboxEra, Season 1 is tentatively scheduled to release during Q3, although there is no firm date set for when the game will be released. Of course, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed before that the action RPG would be following a seasonal, post-launch model, with their own reports saying Season 1 is expected to begin months after release, in the third quarter of 2023.