Apple iPhone 14 Series Camera Lens Problem
Apple iPhone 14 Series Camera Lens Problem Image Credits: AppleInsider

Apple iPhone 14 series camera lens facing quality issues from supplier, says reports
According to sources, Apple's iPhone 14 series camera lens is experiencing quality concerns from its supplier.

 Apple iPhone 14 Series Camera Lens Problem
Apple iPhone 14 Series Camera Lens Problem
Image Credits: AppleInsider

Many such hypes are floating around for the upcoming iPhone 14 series by Apple. There are more leaks floating around about the smartphone revolving around the pricing going all the way to the specification and also the launch date and then going also covering the production issues caused for the manufacturing of the iPhone 14 series. 

Adding more to this, already we did cover a news article confirming how Apple has outsourced its production lineup to more third-party producers. However, new rumors have emerged which follow about the new issue caused by the manufacturing of the camera lens on the back of the upcoming new iPhone. Here is what we have got for you.

Camera lens quality issues 

An Analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo came out with the latest leaks revealing that the production for the upcoming iPhone 14 smartphone has caused a new problem with the rear camera lens. A company name Genuis was the one selected for the supply of the rear camera lens for the smartphone. 

Ming-Chi Kuo revealed by saying that the newly created camera lens is getting coating-crack problems. The quality concern towards the rear camera sensor actually made Apple transfer its orders for the new set of camera lenses for the smartphone from Genius company to Largan just to avoid the shipments delays post the launch of the smartphone in September. 

Largan company has promised to fill up the supply chain delay by speeding up the production ramp.

Thus according to reports, Apple reportedly offered Genuis two months to remedy the situation of the coating-crack concern, however, if the business is failing to do so, manufacturing of the whole back camera lens would indeed be transferred to Taiwan-based Largan.

With specific terms of the smartphone’s launch date, it has been reported that the impending new iPhone 14 series would indeed be available in September of this year, with a total of four new varieties.

However, simply assuming no additional setbacks in the smartphone’s manufacturing line occur, the phone’s first sale would go according to Apple’s expectations.

Nonetheless, there are many more similar issues inside the smartphone’s line of products, whereby it’s also been reported that now the providers associated with in supply of the back panel, as well as RAM, are now also currently experiencing troubles.

Kuo claims that neither of these specific concerns would have an influence mostly on the smartphone’s large-scale manufacturing.

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