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Apple iPhone 14 standard and Pro model to feature different Samsung OLED displays 
As the hype continues, there are reports merged claiming that the Samsung OLED displays for standard and Pro variant iPhone 14 will not be the same

Apple iPhone 14 standard and Pro model to feature different Samsung OLED displays 

Apple iPhone 14 standard and Pro model to feature different Samsung OLED displays 
Image Credits: Apple Insider

Apple has been full throttling towards the launch of its highly anticipated waited-for flagship for this year, the iPhone 14 series which will be coming in the month of September this year. For the people who aren’t aware, there will be four models coming for iPhone 14 series which will have two regular standards and Max variants and also two Max Pro and Pro variants for the lineup. 

Although, prior to the launch of the smartphone several details from the suppliers who are involved in the production of the smartphone have leaked details about the materials used in the manufacturing of the smartphone. Getting to the display of the smartphone, here is what we have got so far:

Apple iPhone 14 series will have a different Samsung OLED display 

Samsung has been one of the main suppliers for all of the iPhones for all these years. Let it produce high-quality LCD displays for models iPhone 11 and now going with OLED displays from the iPhone 12 series, Samsung has been main the producer and supplier for the iPhone. 

Talking about the displays for iPhone 14 series again, Samsung has been chosen to be the supplier for the displays. Here adding new leaks, to further reduce the cost this time Samsung will be supplying two different grades of displays for the regular variant and Max and also for the Pro and Pro Max variants too.

These different grades of OLED display will be produced with different OLED materials where speculations say that the higher variants will be coming with the advanced new materials and the lower end variants will be coming with somewhat lower grade OLED materials too, this move has been taken towards reducing the cost for the non-pro iPhones by Apple.

What are the materials you will find in the OLED display?

A good OLED display comes with materials like dopant, host, prime, and other materials that are responsible to get better red, green and blue pixels. However, these OLED displays from Samsung are used in Galaxy smartphones, and Apple’s iPhones too.

Although, these phones with this sort of display will be coming with a separate coat of LTPS which is also called low-temperature polycrystalline silicon which is actually a thin film transistor OLED screen that is an advanced version of other OLED displays. As of now, the launch for the iPhone 14 series will be set for September this year and the first sale will go on the last week of September.



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