Apple May Be Dropping Its Lightning Port


A research note which is done by a reputed Apple analyst and fortune teller Ming-Chi Kuo Provides a two key major details about the new iPad Pro, a sit will be going to feature a Face ID and drop its proprietary lightning port in the favor of a USB Type C, which is the connectivity option used in the latest iMacs and MacBook.

According to a report, Apple will not have space to include a home button in the new iPad Pro, as just like it happened with the iPhone X and all the other new iPhones, which is the biggest user experience change in a decade.

According to him, people will use their faces to unlock their 2018 iPad Pros and play with the Animojis for the first five minutes after just unwrapping their shiny new tablet.

The lighting was going to designed to provide with a new convenient way and to carry all the data and power that Apple needed, although some of the other smartphones have come up with the mini or micro USB with the same sort of purpose.

In reality, Apple used the Lightning to further lock a user into their sort of ecosystem. A company has also charged a hefty premium for accessories and cables that were even less than durable.

As of now, Apple has also charged the third party accessory manufacturers a “Made for iPhone” tax and any company wanting to sell cables for Apple devices has gone through a process of certifications.

Apple has also claimed that the MFi program was made to guarantee the maximum quantity of components apart from the fact that its own adapters and cables which have been criticized for a failing.

Picture Credits: Apple