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Source: Apple Insider

Apple reportedly blocked $1.5 billion App Store transactions, 1.6 million risky apps
The tech giant stated how its App Store safety mechanisms resulted in these.

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Apple blocked $1.5 billion in fraudulent App Store transactions and 1.6 million risky apps.
Source: Apple Insider

This week, Apple Inc stated how the safety mechanism on its App Store prevented almost $1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions. Along with it, it managed to keep 1.6 million ‘problematic apps’ away from the customers. The specific report from Wednesday, June 1 is mainly a followup to a previous inaugural fraud prevention analysis that Apple Inc published last year.

Taking both the reports into account, the tech giant had been successful in stopping the same figure of $1.5 billion in fraudulent transaction, in both 2020, as well as 2021. Moreover, it looks like Apple had also been successful in clamping down on problematic apps that pose a risk to users. This is owing to the iPhone maker blocking about 1 million of these in 2020, and 1.6 million in 2021.

All through last year, Apple Inc stated that it had detected and gone on to block over 94 million fake reviews, along with 170 million ratings as it failed ‘to meet moderation status.’ Additionally, it got rid of another 610,000 reviews that they detected through customer reports, or human evaluation.

Other steps taken by Apple:

Notably, the tech giant carried out the termination pf 802,000 developer accounts for fraudulent operations, additionally rejecting 153,000 owing to similar issues. Along with it, it visibly blocked about 63,500 illegitimate apps on ‘pirate storefronts.’

Owing to the automated mechanisms, and its human review, Apple Inc prevented over 3.3 million stolen from being wrongly used to carry out potentially fraudulent transactions. Additionally, it went on to ban almost 600,000 accounts from again carrying out such transactions.

In its report, Apple noted how its effort to block and counter ‘fraud on the App Store’ needs ‘continuous monitoring and vigilance across multiple teams.’ It stated how from ‘App Review to Discovery Fraud,’ the tech giant’s continuous commitment to secure customers ‘from fraudulent app activity’ has proven one crucial factor, This, it stated, is ‘why independent, respected security experts’ have often considered the App Store to be the ‘safest place to find and download apps.’

Along with the updated figures, the report yet again highlighted the type of protections that the iPhone makers uses to secure its customers on the App Store. Specifically this includes systems such as payment and credit card protections, along with App Store review protections. Additionally, it makes uses of its anti-account fraud mechanisms. As we know, Apple often advertises its iPhones by bragging about its privacy and security protections.