Apple Mixed Reality Headset already tipped by CEO Tim Cook for the first time
Apple Mixed Reality Headset already tipped by CEO Tim Cook for the first time Image Credits: AppleInsider

Apple website stops working for some users

According to various reports, the apple server went down for some users. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the server

So, some users claimed the apple website stopped working for them. They said that images were not fully loading and for some users, the website was flashing a ‘403’ error. People who had been planning to pre order the latest iPhone 14 faced a lot of issues in doing so.

About iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is the latest iPhone series released by Apple with some amazing features including an excellent battery and attractive display. iPohones have a popular choice among people and they are in line to pre-order this phone.

About Apple

Apple is one of the most popular information technology companies in the world. It comes under the top 5 American information technology firms. Apple has been consistent with its progress and is a popular brand among people. The brand is known for its mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. Apple products aim to help the people excel in their respective fields by giving them exposure to some wonderful features that makes their work look sharp and crisp. Apple products tend to give people an edge over the others.

About Tim Cook

For people who don’t know much Tim Cook, he is the person who is currently heading the firm. He has lot of experience since he has worked with firms like Compaq and IBM. with the help of his skills and experience, he has been able to keep Apple on the path of progression and success. He was given the position of CEO in the year 2015. In his words ” People should have values, so by extension, a company should. And one of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation”.

Views about the latest iPhone

The latest iPhone series released by Apple that is the iPhone 14 series has attracted a lot of attention. Talking about the views that the latest iPhone received, it has been criticised to an extensive level by Steve Jobs daughter, Eve Jobs. She feels that people who are shifting from iPhone 13 to 14 are actually wasting their money as there isn’t a lot of difference between the two iPhones. Some people also feel that Apple’s innovation strategies have degraded since the time Steve Jobs died.