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Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Reportedly Crashed

According to some reports, the development of Apple AirPower is being plagued by a number of issues which include overheating, interference, and also issues related to communication.

AirPower was first released about a year ago at the iPhone X’s launching event. Incidentally, iPhone X is the first smartphone to come with the wireless charging.

Many people like John Gruber has put the blame on the multi-coil design of the AirPower mat. According to them, this is the main cause for the device to overheat. Such rumors have been doing the round since June. And Apple is reportedly trying hard to find a solution.

AirPower has always been one of the best device of engineering in Apple. On the other hand, the standard wireless chargers contain just a single coil which is designed to charge a single device at one time. Apple foray into the area which contains around 16 and 24 coils which are of different sizes designed to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Picture Credits: TheVerge



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