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Apple’s Electric Car-Apple is planning to make an electric car by 2024

Apple to come with Apple’s Electric Car
There is Newton’s Apple which changed science and then there is Steve Job’s apple which changed lives. In the journey of changing lives, Apple is now coming up with a plan to make electric cars. The automotive project of apple is called ‘Titan’. Apple has been working on the project since 2014, with building up a vehicle from scratch.


From that point forward, Apple has advanced enough that it presently means to assemble a vehicle for shoppers, two individuals acquainted with the exertion stated, asking not to be named in light of the fact that Apple’s arrangements are not public. Apple’s objective of building an individual vehicle for the mass market diverges from opponents, for example, Alphabet Inc’s Waymo, which has constructed Robo-cabs to convey travelers for a driverless ride-hailing administration.


Now Apple’s Electric Car might still be a distant dream however here are some Twitter memes-







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