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Apple sued for slowing iPhone 4S with iOS 9 upgrade

Apple is being sued over “misdirecting” users by promoting iOS 9 as being viable with iPhone 4S. To review, when Apple dispatched iOS 9 in September this year, it said the iPhone 4S was viable with its most recent working.

The offended party guarantees that his and others’ iPhone 4S had fundamentally eased back down and become “inoperable” in the wake of moving up to the most current form of apple’s mobile operating system.

It was after a week of the launch of new iPhone models – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus  that Apple rolled out iOS 9. iOS 9 could support the devices of older versions even including the iPhone 4S which the company released in 2011. However, it was because of hardware limitations and an outdated proccessor that the  iPhone 4S could not work well with the iOS 9.

Chaim Lerman on December 29 filed a legal claim action with a New York region court in which he affirms that Apple has occupied with misleading trading and bogus notice by hawking iOS 9 as viable with more seasoned iPhone handsets. He added that iOS 9 has caused execution issues, for example, slow reaction and dispatch time and freeze on his cell phone, leaving him with no decision except for to burn through several dollars on another iPhone. Lerman looks for more than $5 million (generally Rs. 332,063,997) from Apple.



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