Aptera Reveals Gamma (Near-Production) Vehicle Interior

Aptera Gamma Interior shows fewer buttons and features

Aptera reveals Gamma Interior, which shows that there is little information on the screen. There is no information about driving like the speed, range, or route guide. There are also lesser buttons than Tesla or other EVs embedded with Tech. The top part of the steering wheel is removed, giving it a yoke look. It enables the driver to view the screen easily. The features seem to be quite different.

Aptera Reveals Gamma (Near-Production) Vehicle Interior
Image credits- Clean Technica

This is pretty much the final look and feel of the interior. With all the screens in the right places and the half-steering wheel with its top part lopped off. Even though they call it a yoke, it’s not quite as close to the definition of a yoke as what you find in the latest Teslas.

The sole purpose of main screen display is to play the feed from the side rear-view cameras. This is different from any other application of cameras instead of mirrors. Usually, the screens are placed in a similar spot to where the mirrors would have been, but Aptera decided to put this right in front of the driver, so as to negate the need to turn your head while driving, thus keeping the focus on the road ahead.

Aptera solar EV

Furthermore, the Aptera solar EV is a strict two-seater, even though its footprint is similar to that of a compact hatchback (although it is considerably wider in the front, where the manufacturer has had to push the wheels out as much as possible in order to make the three-wheeler stable). It doesn’t look as big as it is because its body is very organic looking and unusual, but it may have issues squeezing down narrow lanes.

But space is not wasted as the room behind the two seats is all dedicated to cargo, which you can put in the back either from inside the vehicle or by lifting the rear glass canopy. In fact, Aptera may even offer a tent that can be mounted to the open rear hatch thus making the three-wheeler a vehicle apt for camping.

Billed as requiring “no charging for most daily use” thanks to the 700 watts of solar built-in, the Aptera is said to generate up to 70km of driving range each day. This means the Aptera also boasts a total battery-powered range of up to 1,600km for the top-of-the-line battery. Much of the focus, however, is less on the solar roof and more on the aerodynamics of the car.

Credits- InsideEVs