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Are Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries really not delayed?

Media outlets have posted that Ford deliveries will be late by September 2022. However, they have now been taken down, only to realize that the deliveries are on time. The talks started when there was an initial post that showed a link to where Ford had written timelines of production and delivery. According to the forum Ford representatives, James Morgan and Nathan Gyori talked about the F-150 Lightning timeline.

Ford F-150 Production Faces Extended Delays From Chip Shortage

Image credits- Muscle Trucks

Supposedly, both the Ford representatives stated that the deliveries are to be pushed back to September 2022 and not delayed to December. With this, the confusion among everyone started as people started posting about it on social media.

Regardless, Morgan and Gyori walked through the timeline of the F-150. Customers will be able to start ordering the vehicle by January 2022. Then by June, the production will start, eventually by September customers will start receiving their vehicles. While there is a delay from the original date to start deliveries in Spring. Ford quickly responded by saying that there is no delay in the deliveries, that vehicles will be delivered starting from Spring 2022.

Ford’s electric vehicle communications director, Emma Bergg tweeted saying that there is no delay. This comes as a surprise and two sides from Ford told two different timelines. While the initial representatives gave a clear timeline of the production and delivery, it was assumed that it might be true.

Beating the other electric pickups

On the other hand, it is true that Ford doesn’t need to worry about beating other electric pickup trucks. Tesla Cybertruck is not ready for production, and Ford will be releasing F-150 Lightning earlier in any way.

While Rivian R1T has started deliveries this year already. They have been slow with their deliveries. It seems like the company will take some time before they can fully start deliveries of their vehicles. No matter which automakers, customers need to wait a long tie for receiving their vehicles, Tesla, Ford, or Rivian.

One reason why it is believed that Emma Bergg’s announcement was reliable is that the initial representative video was not seen by anyone. It could be likely that some else, or an older video was seen by someone and the news spread along. For Ford over 150,000 people are waiting for the delivery. Unless the time comes there is no saying of whether there was a delay for real or not. Many supply chain issues and other production problems are predicted to continue to next year.



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