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Arkansas Solar: Is It Worth It?

Did you know that the state of Arkansas has enough solar panels installed to power almost 44,000 homes?

Simply put, the clean energy potential of Arkansas is getting better and better. This is why more people who live there are making the switch. If you’re a proud Arkansan, then it’s time you started seriously considering the possibility of going green too.

Are you on the fence about switching to solar energy? Keep reading to learn whether it’s worth investing in Arkansas solar.

The Panels Pay for Themselves

Since solar power is renewable, you don’t have to worry about getting charged by the electric company each month. Instead, you can enjoy the shining sun, knowing that it’s working hard on your behalf. Over time, those savings will allow you to get back the money you spent on the solar cells in the first place.

While the exact amount of time for making your money back varies based on different factors, the general timeframe is around a decade. If you’ve set roots down in Arkansas and have started a family, for instance, then 10 years is a short time in the grand scheme of things.

A Federal Tax Credit Incentive

While there’s currently no state incentive for buying solar panels, there’s still a federal one you can take full advantage of. As of this year, the current Federal ITC tax credit is a healthy 26% of the amount you paid on your solar panel system. Even when this percentage falls to 22% next year, it’ll still be worth the investment because that’s a hefty chunk of money back.

Plus, the reduction in the federal credit next year is all the more reason to buy a solar panel system now, so you can get that extra 4% of your investment money back.

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Net Metering

Yet another way you can get money back from your investment is through net metering. This involves keeping track of the amount of energy your panels generate versus the amount you use within your home.

This surplus energy is what can earn you money through the utility company. The exact rate you get will depend on the current rate of electricity. In that sense, your home can earn you money as if it were a little power plant.

Are You Ready to Invest in Arkansas Solar?

Now that you’ve learned all about whether or not it’s worth investing in Arkansas solar, you can decide what’s right for your energy needs. With so many benefits, it’s worth making the investment and letting your loved ones know why they should do it too.

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