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As Zomato Stock Price Falls To A Record Low, Memes Rise On Twitter

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Source: NDTV

The Indian food delivery firm, Zomato on July 25 witnessed a remarking downslide in its stocks by above and beyond 14 percent, as a stock deal in time for the sponsors, workers and other capitalists, whose duration was set to to 1 year, completed. The food delivery giant of India made a significant entry in the share market in the month of July previous year, however, the shares of the firm have downturned by about 60 percent of its initial worth until now.

The shares of the food delivery giant were trading at a price of ₹46.80 when the exchanges for July 25 closed. Although the firm faced a huge downturn in the market, it was trending on the social networking platform, Twitter, where users shared posts and memes related to the downfall of the shares of the food delivery giant.


A user posted a meme on Twitter which sarcastically illustrated a picture with “Bas kar bhai” (stop it man) with the caption that the capitalists of the food delivery giant pleading the chief executive of Zomato, while the other user posted a tweet with picture of guy who feel down while skating, in a way illustrating the fall of the shares of the firm.http://

Some users even mocked at the condition of the people who have invested in the shares of the food delivery giant. One of the users of the microblogging website posted that the stakes of the firm is reminding him of the naked photoshoot of the Indian actor Ranveer Singh. Another one said that the price of the shares of the firm inflated from ₹126 to ₹169 and now is at ₹46 per share, only within a span of 1 year, expressing his views that how can someone or something be this wrong.

This downtrun appears to be the most significant fall of the Zomato shares until this date as the net worth of the firm fell down from ₹1.28 lakh crores to ₹36,600 crores. This is supposed to be largest downturn in the shares of Zomato in a day long exchange after the one it witnessed on January 24 this year.

The shares of the firm sunk by 11.37 % on the BSE and worked out ₹47.55 per share at the time of closing of the exchanges. While, the exchanges closed at ₹47.60 at the National Stock Exchanges, witnessing a downfall by 11.27%.

Sometimes ago the pannel of executives of the Indian food delivery giant accepted a agreement to acquistion the quick commercial firm, Blinkit, however, as per the reports the capitalists of the food delivery giant are not pleased by this decision of the firm.