Image depicting Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian
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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian speak out against Instagram’s ways
The celebrities spoke out against the social media's increased emphasis on the reels section

Image depicting Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian
Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian speak out against Instagram’s new ways.
Source: Rolling Stone

Reports suggest how socialite sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner joined the social media campaign against Instagram to make it stop attempting to mimic TikTok. Users throughout the platform have been sharing the message on Instagram to go back to its old form as a photo and video sharing site. They are all urging them to stop copying short-form video platform Instagram.

This move initiated as a user made a post on their Instagram story that urges the platform to become ‘Instagram again.’ Further, it calls on to it to not become another TikTok as they just want to see ‘cute’ posts of their friends and followers. Joining several influencers, the Kardashian sisters reposted the same on their own stories this week.

Clearly, this move took off owing to the social media site’s increased attention to the ‘reels’ part of Instagram which evidently comprises short-form videos identical to TikTok’s. For a while now, this has come forward as one of the highlights of the platform from Meta Platforms Inc. Resultantly, users have been pushing the site to pay attention on its features related to pictures and videos’ posts, instead of emphasising on the short videos.

The post which the ‘The Kardashian’s’ stars shared:

Frank Pallota, a journalist indicated that the results of this in case the social media site fails to pay attention it and do something about it. He noted how the last time a celebrity like Jenner expressed disappointment regarding such an app, social media app Snapchat ended up losing $1.3 billion, which Instagram should take note of. Additionally, even Tati Bruening, a celebrity photographer reposted this message on her story, sharing a petition link demanding Instagram to take a step.

This petition stated how instead of ‘overcomplicating’ matters, users simply desire to see their follower’s post which was the true essence of the site. Further, it noted how prior to this unwelcome change, users were clearly ‘living in the moment,’ as they witnessed the true moments ‘in real time.’ As of now, the petition has already received about 119,130 signatures from the users.

It went on to noted how the entire community must return to their ‘roots with Instagram,’ recalling how the platform was intended mainly to share pictures and videos on their feed, not just the short-form videos. In fact, the petition pointed out, how even videos did not arrive till its developers were clearly afraid of ‘Vine.’