Astronaut Alan Shepard’s daughter to fly on Blue Origin’s Shepard

Shepard Churchley is the daughter of Alan Shepard who will be flying to space on Blue Origin’s rocket named Shepard. Alan Shepard was the first American astronaut to travel to space in 1961. Along with Churchley, the other crew members include Strahan who was invited to the flight, and others are customers who paid.

Daughter Of First American In Space Alan Shepard On Next Blue Origin Flight
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Shepard Churchley runs a foundation that promotes science and other college funds. Talking about the flight, she said, “It’s kind of fun for me to say an original Shepard will fly on the New Shepard. I’m very proud of my father’s legacy.”

Exactly on May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard performed a spaceflight that lasted 15 min long. He went to space after 23 days of the first human going to space who is Soviet Union’s, Yuri Gagarin. Shepard was also the 12th human to set foot on the moon, happened to die in 1998.

Blue Origin’s second spaceflight included William Shatner. This time, the other crew members include a parent and child. Lane Bess, the principal, and founder of Bess Ventures will be accompanied by Cameron Bess, a content creator and software developer. Also, this will be the first time Blue Origin’s rocket will be flying at full capacity. The other crew members include Voyager Space CEO Dylan Taylor and Dick Holdings managing member Evan Dick.

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Know more about Shepard

Blue Origin’s Shepard is a vertical takeoff and vertical landing rocket. The rocket began spaceflight carrying humans in 2021. Priorly the prototype development began in 2016 and the development was completed by 2015 which the test flights started. Later in 2016 Blue Origin received an award for demonstrating rocket reusability through the New Shepard Human Spaceflight vehicle.

By 2021, the pace at which the launches are going is impressive considering the flight costs. With their improvement to 6 members in the spaceflight, the prices are expected to slightly reduce. The crew members will be traveling to the internationally recognized space border. The overall flight will be for 15 minutes, but the memories after the flight last long. The unparalleled views of the earth and the weightlessness experienced by the crew members make it seem all worth it.

On Blue Origin’s website, Laura Shepard’s biography is written, “Laura has dedicated her life to promoting what her father, Alan Shepard, started when he became the first American in space and the fifth person to walk on the Moon. Alan Shepard is the namesake of New Shepard. She currently serves as Chair of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees, a foundation that raises funds for college students and provides mentoring to scholars pursuing careers and research in STEM.”