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Atlassian Invests in Slack, Kills HipChat and Stride
Slack is Teaming Up with Hipchat Only to Kill it off

Atlassian has announced a new partnership with the Slack, the workplace chat behemoth.
As a part of the deal, Atlassian has invested in slack with an undisclosed amount. And in return, Slack is buying HipChat Cloud and Stride which the Atlassian launched last year in July. Atlassian has decided to discontinue both the products by the end of next year and help users on both platforms migrate to slack.

Atlassian has also promised to build integrations between its products. The company also owns a large number of properties, mainly in DevOps and workplace productivity space which includes BitBucket, Trello, Confluence, and JIRA.

In a statement, Atlassian VP of Product, Joff Rodburn, said:
“Knowledge workers want best-in-class tools to get their work done, which is why millions of people use both Atlassian and Slack. This strategic partnership between us reinforces our commitment to interoperability and a customer-first philosophy. We believe this partnership is the best way to advance our mission to unleash the potential of every team. And it’ll allow us to improve our focus in other areas, including expanding our offerings for technical and IT teams.”

This collaboration will help Slack cement its position and ward off any competition. The influx of new users, mainly from the HipChat, will all but ensure its market dominance for years to come.

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