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Audi Tries to Troll BMW on Twitter, Gets Trolled Instead

BMW M4 Twitter

The humorous rivalry between the German brands, Audi and BMW isn’t anything new. They keep using their brilliant minds to mock each other whenever they get a chance. This time, Twitteratis had some fun watching these two beating each other’s humor.

It all started with a casual tweet from BMW where their USA handle posted a beautiful picture of a Yas Marina Blue M4 with sparks behind it creating a stunning visual. Well, Audi saw something else in the picture and quoted the tweet with “When you see it…”

Actually, the pathway of the sparks behind the M4 had created round shapes which looked similar to Audi’s four-ring symbol and that’s what Audi was referring to. The tweet from Audi went viral and received thousands of retweets in a short time. Well, BMW had to come back then and they did with swag.

As expected, Audi didn’t bother to reply to this tweet and the tweet war between these two ended right there, with BMW staying ahead in the lane.



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