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Augmented Reality and Fashion Industry
Serving for Better Customer Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that adds digital elements to the physical world. It incorporates digital elements such as visuals, sound and other sensory elements in order to visualise or elevate a certain exposure. This technology has been widely used in the gaming and entertainment sector. Also, a lot of companies are now making use of this technology for training purposes.

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AR is proving to be quite a useful tool for the fashion industry too. It has proven to be beneficial while providing the customers with shopping experience at home and also allows them to have a close look at the products, virtually that is.

Jordan Yim who is currently serving as Director at INHAABIT said, “Augmented Reality technology is completely changing industries. The ability to visualise fashion and beauty products in real time, demonstrates how it’s possible to leverage AR to make a retail experience more engaging and interactive.”

This technology has proved to be beneficial for both the customers and the company. It provides the customers with an immersive shopping experience without a hassle and for companies, can help with short staffing and saving space. It can help the companies to make a lot of savings on resources.

According to Google, 61% of the user’s have stated that they would rather choose to shop at stores which have incorporated augmented reality than those who have not.

Sephora, which is a popular lifestyle brand has now incorporated a new feature called “Virtual Artist” in its app. With the help of augmented reality it allows the customers to try the products at home and make a choice about purchase. This has helped them to improve the customer service experience.

While in an interview with TechCrunch, Sergey Arkhangelskiy who is the CEO of WannaBy said, “We believe that AR try-on can help customers to shop online and will wash away the difference between online and offline shopping.”

Image Credits: inhaabit.com

Augmented reality allows the customers to take a better look at the quality of the product just as they would do in a physical store. With the situation that has arisen due to the Corona pandemic, it can be safe to say the AR has proved to be a boon for not only fashion but many other industries.

Speaking about the customers, when they are using AR while shopping, they can have a more engaging and comforting experience. Since the consumers are at their comfortable place, it gives them the time and space to make a decision about whether to make a purchase or not, without fearing any judgement.

A good shopping experience will help increase loyalty of a customer to the brand. Hence it is important that companies try their best to provide good customer service to people. And with the help of augmented reality, this task has been made much easier.

Nike has gone one step ahead and made use of AR to create a socially engaging experience for its users. In Los Angeles, through their ‘SNKRS Stash’, users were supposed to find specific locations with the help of hints and clues provided by the app. Once they find and reach the assigned place, they would be rewarded with a special offer. This would allow them access to limited edition and exclusive shoes. This campaign helped increase the brands social media engagement and was quite innovative.





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