Authorities not concerned about the damage done to IONITY chargers

In Croatia, there was a Tesla Model 3 owner and his girlfriend who were charging their vehicle in the nearby Tesla Supercharger. Just then the dashcam of the vehicle along with the passengers witnessed an incident. Where two drunk people came and were playing with the IONITY chargers. When the Model 3 owner called the police, the response was as simple as “what can we do about it?”.

Tesla Model 3 records IONITY charger's death by a different kind of ICE-ing  – News 100
Image credits- News100

The video was initially shared by Wham Baam Dangercamm YouTube channel. Initially, the video shows that two individuals arrived at the location. They seemed to be drunk and decided to play with the IONITY chargers. They effectively blocked the stall by staying in the location. After a lot of struggle, one man among them managed to plug in the charger to their crossover. The men then decided to rev their vehicle’s engine several times, which made the Model 3 owner and his girlfriend concerned about the IONITY charger. It was then the Model 3 owner decided to call the police. As the police didn’t seem to be of much help, the couple sat there till the owners left the charging point.

The later morning they found out that the IONITY charger was labeled as a damaged one. Not only this situation would have been ignored if not for the Model 3 owner, but it also would be never known to the public. Tesla Superchargers and IONITY chargers are among the few charging points which have been existing on roads for quite some years now. While the government is focused on improving the EV infrastructure, the others are not being educated on the importance of charging infrastructure. It comes as a shock to see how the police were not taking this seriously.

ICE-ing of EVs

ICE-ing of EVs is not taken seriously for years, but now every automaker is focused on making electric vehicles. The need to work on ways to make things better has come. ICE-ing at EV charging locations where fuel-powered cars are parked not allowing EV owners to charge their vehicle are some of the most common incidents taking place on a daily basis.

The above example is one of the extreme ICE-ing taking place. If this were to take place in a charging point located in a remote location, it becomes a serious issue for EV owners. Limiting the options for them to travel despite the infrastructure being constructed. Many such incidents are being noticed and posted on the internet.