See 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition In Jay Leno's Garage

Automotive enthusiast Jay Leno reviews Lucid Air Dream Edition

Automotive enthusiast Jay Leno has reviewed some of the best cars in the world. Now, he also reviewed Lucid Air Dream Edition. He has discussions with Senior VP of Design Derek Jenkins and company CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson. He was impressed at how many features Luid bought at the table for the Air Dream edition.

See 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition In Jay Leno's Garage
Image credits- InsideEVs

Leno’s first thoughts regarding the introduction of the Lucid Air were simple: competition is great for the automotive sector. He notes that Ford and Chevrolet, with their constant need to one-up each other and break competition barriers, made one another better.

The competition between automakers gets interesting with the entry of Lucid. Tesla’s fourteen-year history in electric vehicles certainly has an advantage. Where its first Roadster model in 2008 is still talked about. However, as Lucid enters the competition with Lucid Dream Air Edition, things are getting more interesting than ever. Jenkins showed Leno the finer points of the Lucid Air, detailing the all-aluminum body, a wide-set wheelbase that is more comparable to a Mercedes-Benz S Class than any other vehicle, and the spacious interior that provides a luxurious feel.

Behind the wheel

Jay Leno has driven some of the best vehicles in the world, and there is some credibility when he talks about his experience. His narrative about the experience with Lucid Air is positive. The vehicle’s integration with its in-house produced motors definitely seemed to give Jay Leno a smooth ride. Rawlinson pointed out that the motors were developed by Lucid from scratch. Rawlinson also stated that all of the Air’s EV technology, including the battery pack, were all designed and developed at the company’s Arizona-based facility.

Their talk about Lucid Air bought out some interesting things. The vehicle was built to be suitable for a world-record 0-60 MPH time. Though it could stand at a lightning-quick 2.4 seconds, the vehicle was not built with that idea in mind. However, it was designed to have instant torque when the car is already in motion. One example of where the quick acceleration is applicable is on the freeway, Rawlinson said, when trying to overtake a car or fill in a gap.  The maneuvers on highways are easily attainable as the vehicle’s powertrain provides more than enough acceleration with the mid-range punch. Lucid Dream Air edition is a very limited edition, where the company plans to manufacture only around 520 vehicles. The other models with lower specifications are expected to be launched into the market by this year. The Lucid Air Dream Edition is a limited edition, as its unique features and the luxury of the vehicle are developed for it to be one of a kind.