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Back 4 Blood’s December Update Includes Offline Campaign Mode

Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that the Winter Update for Back 4 Blood will be launched on Thursday, December 16, and will include Offline Campaign Mode, supply lines, holiday arrangements, and more. Developer Turtle Rock has released a new content roadmap for its popular co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood and promises to introduce many new features in 2022, including the popular indie single-player mode and advance campaigns.

Back 4 Blood

Credit @Turtle Rock

This December update will be the first major patch and will add the first large chunks of new content. The mentioned updates for December, and 2022 will be free. The first expansion will be called Tunnels of Terror, while the second and third expansions are yet to be approved. Finally, the same annual pass will also include new cleaning products, horse riding, activities, weapons, and exclusive skins.

Starting mid-December 2021, the developers will be rolling out some pretty great free updates with a new co-op mode, melee updates, new character maps, and a new difficulty mode in 2022. The Tunnels of Terror are expected to appear in 2022. They have new story content, new cleaners and riders, and more weapons, maps, activities, and skins. Following this month’s patch to improve quality of life and fix major bugs, Turtle Rock will release the first major content update for Back 4 Blood after its December release.

The update, expected to be released tomorrow, will allow players to progress and unlock maps during the campaign, playing offline or solo. The free update will also include many other additions such as a new map type, new maps, and a training ground containing Ridden, not just objectives.

In a big update in December, the developer has promised a number of fixes for the game, as well as some new content, so you can shoot the burgeoning zombie army. Turtle Rock previously said it is looking for ways to fix the issues, and these fixes will finally arrive in this update with the addition of a standalone campaign with progress enabled. Turtle Rock previously stated that it is looking for solutions to the problem, and those solutions will finally appear in this update, adding an all-out campaign line with a sequence included. These include much-requested features such as a new co-op mode, a new level of difficulty, and even an offline mode. This includes various buffs, debuffs, spawn fixes, AI tweaks, and much, much more.

This and the other two unnamed extensions have a 2022 start window, nothing more specific. They will provide new cleaners, new mounted enemies, new weapons, and exclusive maps and skins. As a real-time service game, the life and death of the Back 4 Bloodas player base depend on the post-release support. Although the developers have not detailed what they are changing, as part of the free update, we can expect to see offline progress in December.



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