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Banker commits suicide after losing all money while trading Bitcoin

Yes, I feel as sorry as you do. People committing suicide because they lost money in a trade or went broke is not the solution. But apparently, Susheela from Meenapis Kadappuram thought it was the only option she was left with. Susheela was a temporary banker in the public sector who lost her life recently. Reports suggest that she lost all her money while trading Bitcoin due to some technical error. And when the investors started to ask for money, and Susheela didn’t have any, she consumed poison.

Reports from the police

trading BitcoinAfter the banker consumed poison, she fell ill, and her condition kept worsening. And on Thursday, she passed away. The police were informed, and her body was taken to the Kannur Medical College Hospital, and she was also found COVID positive. This is why the police didn’t take the investigation any further and also didn’t conduct a postmortem. The police also reported that the women raised money to invest in BTC. And due to some technical error, she lost all her money while trading Bitcoin. After this, when she reported the same to her investors, they started asking for funds back. Having nothing to do, the only option she thought she had was to consume poison.

The police also said that she was well into crypto trading, but its details are still unknown. They are going to conduct an investigation till all the details of the case are figured out.

Always remember that when a person commits suicide, they don’t suffer as much as the people they leave behind. So, no matter how tough life gets, it’s not an option. If you have any such thoughts, then talking to friends, family, or even a counselor could help.

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