Bankrupt Crypto platform Celsius diving out $2.8-M to Staff
Bankrupt Crypto platform Celsius diving out $2.8-M to Staff

Bankrupt Crypto platform Celsius giving out $2.8-M to Staff

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Celsius network which has been undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in the US since July this year has been allowed by the bankruptcy proceeding courts of the US to distribute approximately $2.8 million to the employees who will be staying with the company during the bankruptcy proceedings and as as a part of incentives to these employees at the Celsius exchange platform.

In the bankruptcy Protection proceedings, the request for these funds and payments were made by the Celsius platform so that the key employees of the platform will not be acquired by their Competitor companies of the Celsius network. The judge of bankruptcy protection proceedings Martin Glenn approved the payment motion about this issue for the Celsius network on Monday this week.

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Celsius network opted for this move as the competitors of Celsius network will try to acquire the potential talent from the Celsius platform which is also called talent coaching or job coaching in technical terms. Although the term poaching is considered lawful in terms of hunting this term has been maintained in terms of the employment market.

As per the legal representative of Celsius network in the court, a large number of staff of Celsius network had already left the company after the company filed for a bankruptcy proceeding in the US in July. Along with that price drop in the cryptocurrency market also resulted in job losses in the Celsius network.

What are the staff conditions of the Celsius network after bankruptcy proceedings?

Out of the total 375 in place at the Celsius network, only 170 in place have been still intact with the platform during the bankruptcy proceedings. Cryptocurrency exchange platform sensors was having approximately 12 million users on its platform and these users were having assets worth $11 billion at the Celsius network.

According to the statement published by Celsius network, The company employees who are earning in the range of $25,000 and $425,000 while working with the Celsius network will be able to receive the payments from this fund. The Payments which will be released during the bankruptcy proceedings will be less than $75,000.

The crypto company Celsius network became one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms because it was using the customer’s funds for its operation and any wrongdoings in Celsius network was not visible to anyone because there were no laws and regulations governing the working structure of the crypto companies in the US. Proper to the dissolution of Celsius network company the bankrupt company was working mainly on the model of customers deposit in which they wear providing an interest rate of up to 30% to their customers for depositing their Crypto assets at Celsius network.