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A ‘Basket’ To Store Your Web Items !


We all love to bookmark what we like or find interesting on the web. However, even after bookmarking a lot of interesting material, a lot of it gets lost under the heap of saved items. Ultimately, we end up not finding this saved stuff easily. Also with so many devices available, it has become even more difficult to manage our bookmarks. Now there is a way to Basket all those URLs you want to see later.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The Basket app lets you save all kind of links for you to read them later. You can save any tweets you like or any embedded videos, music from sound cloud or embedded documents easily.Basket allows you to save links from multiple devices and access them in an organized fashion. You can also personalize your organization of  saved links as per your liking.[/box]

If you surf web and do save pages then Basket is your thing. A helpful tool for Bloggers, Photographers, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs to random internet surfer, everything you read, all research findings, news is archived and easy to find later.


The Basket team is working very hard towards making the personal data management much easier and effective. Basket team focuses on quality, design and usability of the product. Team members undertake research and ensures users always get maximum personalization to get organized with their bookmarks. Basket also allows users to read their saved articles offline.

Some of the USP’s of the Basket App are as follows

  • Basket is simple and effective to use.
  • Targeted relative experience depending on URL type.
  • Option to save embedded links, maps.
  • Using people’s habit of hitting search engine intelligently when a result is saved in their basket.
  • Supports various browser extensions and apps for devices.
  • User can read saved articles offline.

Basket was started by Showvhick Nath, Ranit Sanyal and Sandip Das. It was their personal journey that made them start working on the Basket App.


“We started our journey as a small team of web designers and developers. At that time we used to read many blogs. We browsed through so many good articles and bookmarked them to read them later. But lost under the heap of bookmarks we saved, we always found it very difficult to locate these article when we needed to refer to them again. Also we never found a place where we could keep our favorite Facebook post, important tweets or music on Soundcloud in a properly organized manner. So we decided to find a solution to this problem and thats how we started working on The Basket App.” says Ranit.


Showvhick Nath is the Design and Product Head at Basket. His obsession for design and UI/UX in unparalleled and  he ensures people always find Basket easy to use yet effective. He is extremely logic driven and has no love for Excel sheets. Ranit Sanyal is the Marketing strategist and Product analyst  at Basket. Sandip Das is a hardcore techie and ensures development and security of the Basket product.


The company is currently bootstrapped. The founders are now looking for investors to fund their expansion plans.

The company is currently working towards making themselves available on more platforms. They are working towards creating a Basket where users from all platforms can keep their favorite items in the Basket in an organized manner. Ranit says

“We are Launching for beta users with 1k people in waiting list. People have eagerly waited to have their Basket. They will get an amazing product.”

How to get your Basket:

Visit: http://basketapp.net and request early access.

Connect with Basket :

Website: www.basketapp.net

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_tcsQf11IU

Twitter: @connectbasket

Facebook: www.facebook.com/connectbasket




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