Bed Bath And Beyond CFO Dies
Bed Bath And Beyond CFO Dies

Bed Bath & Beyond Are Currently Reviewing their Possible Data Breach

According to various reports, Bed Bath and Beyond has claimed that for a month, a third party has information about all its activities. They did this through a phishing scam wherein they had access to information through a hard drive of an employee. Read the whole article to understand the whole story.

About the data breach

The company is currently saying that it is going through the data to find out if there was any sensitive information that could help the hacker target the company in any which way possible. The owner of this brand said that they had no reason to believe that the hacker had any access to sensitive information.  Still, if the hacker has access to that, the company is ruined. Talking about the shares of the company, once considered a so-called “category killer” in home and bath goods, its shares are down by 5%.

What is a data breach?

For people who are struggling with the term data breach and have no idea as to what it is and why it happens, this article will provide you with all the necessary information. Data Breach ij simple terms happen when sensitive information of a company or an institution gets in the hands of a third party. Someone who has no relation with the institution and is willing to destroy it because of the money. A data breach can occur mainly due to 2 reasons that are loopholes in technology or incorrect user behavior. If these two things place, it will attract hackers and that is how data breaches will take place.

A lot many smartphones lack encryption, which means their privacy is next to zero which thereby attracts hackers. It is a common perception that a data breach can only occur if someone from the outside leaks into the system, it can also happen because of intentional attacks or some minor fault made by the employee.


About Bed Bath and Beyond

For people who do not know anything about Bed, Bath and Beyond, it is basically an

Bed Bath And Beyond CFO Dies
Bed Bath And Beyond CFO Dies

omnichannel retailer. It sells beauty products and home products. The aim of the company is to deliver the best quality products to its customers. The brand came into existence in the year 1971. Sue E. Gove is heading the company at present. Since she has been given this role, she has done nothing but use her leadership skills to help the company grow and show it the direction toward success.