Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels
Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels

Beginner Cricket Betting Tips To Get You Started Right

In order to be successful at betting on cricket games, you need a strategy. To build that strategy, you have to understand the sports’ subtleties. You can definitely use betting theory’s general principles but to make the most out of the opportunity, you have to create a specialized approach. This pushes your betting to brand new heights. Since not much is known about the game by the general sports fans, let’s focus on some very simple beginner betting tips that will let you win more. 

Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels
Photo by Riccardo Parretti from Pexels

Terrain And Weather Conditions

Before you choose your online betting site from and you place your bet, make sure to take a look at the weather forecast. This is because the weather impacts the game a lot. With bad weather, matches can be fully delayed, which highlights how important weather is. 

The takeaway here is to remember that cricket games after rain are going to hinder bowlers, especially spinners. They will have problems in turning and gripping wet balls. Something as simple as having dew will cause some major issues. So, make sure to use online resources and figure out the weather on game day. 

One Day Internationals (ODI)

ODIs are very useful for beginners to make some money with cricket betting. This is mainly because it is very easy for anyone interested to find statistics and information about all teams playing. You can thus easily hone your betting skills before you consider the harder, more complex wagers. 

When you want to improve, look for statistics and then figure out what odds are very good based on the offers of the bookmakers. You can thus quickly determine the bookies with the best odds and even outsmart them as you locate cricket bets with very high value. 

Betting During Live Games

It is always best to stay away from live bets. This is because bookies offer some very bad options, like Next Dismissal Method or Next Batsman Out. These are mostly based on luck. You have to avoid them as the best bets are always those that you can make with detailed statistics backing them. 

In the event that you do love a good coin toss, some in-play bets can be taken into account. The one that instantly comes to mind is the coin toss. It can have quite huge implications in cricket and does influence the rest of the game. Just as with the weather conditions, this outside factor is going to affect the result and might give you access to opportunities to determine the winner. It is actually very smart for beginners to wait for the coin toss before they bet on the outcome of the game. 

T20 Cricket Bets

This might be a surprise for many but T20 games are actually really good for the serious punters. We are talking about a pitch that will deteriorate as the match goes on but this is less noticeable. Also, the impact of outside factors like dew is much lower. You thus end up looking at a cricket game in which the skills of the teams will be much more impactful when it comes to winning. 

It should also be highlighted that in T20 cricket games, there is a higher strain put on the player’s skills and physical abilities. We are thus looking at a situation in which the better-quality teams consistently manage to win games. This is very good when you want to do some cricket predictions in regards to who will win the games. 

Final Thoughts

These very simple cricket betting tips will help you get much better and win more, which is definitely what you want at the end of the day. As you get used to being successful with such bets, you can move on towards more complicated options.