Source: Times Now

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son bumps Rs 3.1 crore Lamborghini into BMW

Samuel Garner Affleck, the 10 year old son of American actor, director, Ben Affleck crashed a yellow colored Lamborghini into a BMW when the minor inadvertently drove back the car, on June 26. The BMW was stationed at a grandeur rental automobile showroom in Los Angeles.

Source: Times Now

Samuel came to the automobile showroom along with his father Ben and Ben’s girlfriend, Jenifer Lopez. The kid got inside the luxurious car while Ben and Jenifer were busy checking out other luxurious automobiles stationed at the showroom. The engines of the car was on and inadvertently, junior Affleck put it in reverse after which it collided with the BMW which was parked just behind the Lamborghini.

The yellow colored Lamborghini Urus leases for a big amount of around $1,500 each day while it cost is around Rs 3 crore.

As per the buzzes, in the recording of occurrence it was clearly visible that Samuel got inside the car and sat on the driver’s seat and Jenifer sat behind him looking at other cars parked inside the showroom along with Ben who was standing outside. When the car dove back the posterior fender on the commuter side of the costly Lamborghini got crashed into the anterior wheel and likely the bumper of BMW.

Since the fenders of the two cars got collided with each other there was big loss. The cars suffered a small scrape and there was zero causalities.

After Samuel hit the BMW accidentally he rushed out of the car to check if had hurt someone or made major damage. Thereafter, he received a big from his father who told him that there is nothing to worry as it was just a small accident and no one has got any injuries from it. Ben consoled his child and assured him that everything was okay.

Someone close to Ben confirmed the report that no major loss occurred due to the accident and everyone was perfectly fine.

A staff of the rental showroom said in a news report that when the child entered inside the Lamborghini, it started moving to and fro and since they showroom is small there are small gaps between two cars due to which the luxurious Lamborghini Urus crashed into the BMW.

Both Jenifer and Ben were taking care of Samuel after the accident took place.

Ben Affleck got engaged to Jenifer Lopez sometimes ago in 2022. While Samuel is his youngest son with his former wife Jennifer Garner. Garner and Affleck got divorced in 2018.