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Benefits of a Bluetooth Tracker

If you have to allocate 20 extra minutes every morning just to look for the car keys, wallet, or another everyday accessory of yours, then this article is just right for you. You not only waste a lot of energy while looking for the items, but at the same time, you also let those extra 20 minutes slip away from your time! Since technology travels with time, Bluetooth trackers have proved to be a magical invention for everyone! All you need to do is find the right match for you by investing a little time and money!

What is a Bluetooth Tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is a small device that you can attach to the items you keep losing now and then. The tracker connects with a companion application on your mobile phone using Bluetooth signals. It also notifies you when you start moving out of range from a tagged item – this is because you might be looking for the essential in your study when in reality, it could be in your bed room.  So, the next time you cannot find your iPad, you don’t have to scream “find my device” and get your family on a mission; just take a deep breath, and locate your device using a Bluetooth tracker! 

Seven Reasons Why You Should Use a Bluetooth Tracker

  • Locate Your Device Easily

If you easily misplace your essential items here and there, then it is always a big parade finding them. From tossing and turning your bedcover to changing into a new attire, you do everything only to find your car keys lying in the kitchen. Isn’t that too, exhausting? The prime task of becoming your phone finder, key finder, is handled by the Bluetooth tracker once you activate it. So, you have to follow the map or hear the tracker ringing out loud. It is almost like playing the hide n seek game, but the only difference is that you know where to seek! 

  • Small in Size

Bluetooth trackers come in small sizes. They are so tiny that they can easily fit inside your pocket or wallet, and you won’t even realise that they are there until you start searching for them! Trackers can also be personalised with your name or initials if you live with your family, where almost everyone has a habit of misplacing things! So, what about a family full of cute Bluetooth trackers in pretty colours!

  • Notification When It Goes Off- Route

Going through the worst-case scenario: you come back home, and you realise that your brand new DSLR is not there in your bag while unpacking, and memory is not your best friend. These are the times when the need for Bluetooth trackers is felt the most! Bluetooth Trackers will notify your device when the tracker starts going out of the range. A loud enough beep or a ring should be a sufficient realisation that something is wrong with your belongings right before you board the metro home. It can also end up becoming a fun task as you locate your camera using a map on your phone! Get a Bluetooth tracker and attach it to your belongings if you want to track them or just to get a reminder to pick them up! 

  • SOS Alert

You would be lucky to get your hands on a Bluetooth tracker that comes with the added function of sending an SOS Alert to people around you in case of emergencies. Along with an SOS to people around you, the tracker also sends your location to 3 of your listed contacts. So, make sure that you pick the right product like Vaya Lynk, which lets you have the most functions possible. 

  • Community Tracking

In case your tracker moves away from you so much that you cannot track it using the maps anymore, then using the community tracking feature will be the best possible way ahead! The community tracking method makes use of other tracking devices and produces a standard signal that will ultimately notify you in case another tracker comes near your item. It is probably almost like a dream come true for those who feel irritated when no one helps them find their valuable items. Get that smart tracker of your dreams right away! 

  • Waterproof

Most Bluetooth trackers are also waterproof, making them compatible in all situations. Although it is uncanny to lose your car keys inside a pool, even if that happens, your Bluetooth tracker should be able to find that for you as well. So, do not worry if you mistakenly drop your car keys inside the pool, as you would still be able to track it, and at the same time, your tracker would also be super safe in the due process! Therefore, no losses incurred at all for anyone.

  • Loud

While picking out a Bluetooth tracker for yourself, make sure that the tracker is loud enough for you to listen and track your belongings. A tracker which is not strong enough or loud enough is almost as bad as a lost item. A single beep should not be the case; the notifications should be as loud as emergency sirens. After all, your phone, car keys, or laptop bag is an essential item for you, even if you forget to pick them up or leave them in random locations. You are only human, and you can make mistakes as long as you have the Bluetooth tracker by your side. 

Final Thoughts

No one wants to spend hours looking for items all around the house alone or worry overnight to start a phone hunt all around the city. A Bluetooth tracker can create all the difference for people who carry multiple electronic gadgets or easily lost items. So, make sure after reading this article, you realise and buy a Bluetooth tracker to protect your favourite things as soon as possible. Are you ready to play some hide n seek where you get some cheat help from your Bluetooth tracker? A Bluetooth device that helps you when you are feeling helpless is your real best friend.  



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