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Best Apps to Download in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a humongous effect on billions of people across the world. It also had a great impact on the world economy, too. Everything is going online these days and everyone prefers using an app for everything.

Be it education, retail, healthcare, entertainment, dating, betting, or games; people are relying on mobile apps. As no spectators are allowed in live cricket matches, the stadiums are empty and thus game lovers are using cricket betting apps to have fun and make money too. While coronavirus has led applications from a few categories to stagnation, other apps, on the contrary, are experiencing exceptional growth like the above ones. At the same time, new trends and innovations are emerging, enabling the latter ones to push the former ones.
So, here are the most popular apps for 2021 you can download.

Bet365: Betting App

The pandemic has kept people away from the field. This is the reason they seem to be engaging more in online betting. Many cricket fans are not able to attend a sports event. So, while they are watching cricket online, they are betting on it through the apps like Bet365. Apart from cricket, people are also using the apps to bet on football, basketball, and other sports.

Free Fire: Gaming App

The game application is one of the most popular categories. This doesn’t really come as a surprise as a majority of the audience is stuck at home and is indulging in gaming more than ever. Most trending gaming app for both girls and boys for 2021 is the Garena Free Fire battle game. 

Experts have stated that the average time people spend on gaming apps has doubled in 2020. However, the gaming evolution isn’t focused on a single genre. Users can choose from a wide range of cooking and racing games. This is the primary reason why people of different ages are attracted to gaming applications these days.

Tinder: Dating App

Tinder is the dating app to the rescue of several youngsters. It is allowing singles to connect with matches over the internet. Dating apps are now being used for personal connections and social relationships as the pandemic is keeping people from visiting bars and restaurants. 

With several dating apps to choose from, people who are looking for something casual or love can find one that will cater to their preferences. Tinder is the best download app for 2021 in the dating category. In times like this, it is nothing embarrassing about meeting online anymore. 

BYJUS: Education App

Byjus is the most popular educational app in 2021. Online education has evolved a lot during pandemic. With the educational apps like Byjus, it is now possible for the students to get access to vast information and details from the comfort of their home. 

Kids can use the app to learn many things. The app let students learn outside the class and enable them to adjust their pace of learning. Also, as per the recent views, several educational apps are helpful for the teachers, too. It helps them organize the teaching process better.

NetFlix: Entertainment App

This is the most interesting category of apps. Activities such as online streaming and live TV have become popular. NetFlix provides movies, web series, and TV shows for entertainment. With more than 195 million subscribers worldwide, NetFlix is the number 1 app for 2021 in the entertainment category. 

ShopWell: Lifestyle App

The widest category of apps belongs to lifestyle. This is because it covers many common human interests and activities. The apps are based on the personal lifestyle of a user. ShopWell is one  of those apps that will help you to lose weight or reach your fitness goal, assist you to set up the room through some virtual processes, and more. 

You can create your food profile keeping in mind your diet, dislike, health risks, and allergies to get fully personalized nutrition scores on the ShopWell app. Such apps of personal lifestyle are often the ones pushing technological innovations. Developers get requests all the time to create a solution for personal working tasks, fun, or leisure.

PayTM: Money Transfer and Utility App

Utility apps are used on a daily basis by almost everybody without even realizing it. However, unlike the other kind of apps, utility apps are used by people for getting things done and moving on. PayTM is one such app that is useful for daily tasks like fund transfers, bill payments, mobile recharge, merchant payments, shopping, and more. 

As this falls under the category of top mobile apps used by people, it is clear how people are using gadgets to their full potential. PayTM is used by more than 350 million active users and is surely one of the best download apps for 2021. 

MakeMyTrip: Travel App

With time, as things start becoming normal, people will make travel plans. So, travel apps are also going to be used to a great extent. MakeMyTrip is the most popular travel app that lets you make your travel plans easier, fun, and comfortable. It guides you through different sites and attractions all over the world and offers complete holiday packages with all travel itineraries. Once things get back to normal after the pandemic and travel restrictions are lifted, the travel apps are a must for your 2021 travel plans.



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