Best Buy gives Nvidia RTX GPU behind Obscene $200 Paywall
Best Buy gives Nvidia RTX GPU behind Obscene $200 Paywall Image Credits: TomsHardware

Best Buy Needs to Quit This Nonsense

Best Buy is here to kick us while we’re down, just in case attempting to buy a graphics card at or near retail costs wasn’t disheartening enough. The retailer is taking advantage of our desperation as a result of the prolonged supply shortage to push customers to pay an additional $200 for a chance to acquire a graphics card.

Courtesy: Fortune

Best Buy is a multibillion-dollar American consumer electronics business based in Richfield, Minnesota. Founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler as an audio specialist store called Sound of Music, it was rebranded in 1983 with a focus on consumer electronics under its current name.

Best Buy is a Canadian retailer that previously operated in China until February 2011 (when the faction merged with Five Star) and Mexico until December 2020. (due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic). Until 2012, the corporation also operated across Europe. Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales are some of the company’s subsidiaries. In North America, Best Buy also owns the Best Buy Mobile and Insignia brands, as well as the Five Star brand in China.

Best Buy’s antics were revealed this week when the shop made in-demand RTX 3000 GPUs accessible at MSRP…to those who subscribed to their “Totaltech” programme, a $199-a-year “perk.” If you didn’t pay up front, your already small chances of obtaining one of these components were reduced to nil.

Taking advantage of clients for something they have no control over is a heinous business practise, which is exacerbated when some of the people who signed up never got an opportunity to buy. Customers took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction, claiming that the Totaltech programme didn’t promise them a GPU because Best Buy either delayed their membership activation or sold out of cards (which were gone in four hours) before they got to the front of the line.

Best Buy decided to sell the whole line of RTX 30 graphics cards to non-Totaltech customers today, in case those who missed out didn’t already regret their membership purchase. The chances of getting one were little to none, but those who did just saved $200. Perhaps the most heinous act was when Best Buy informed its subscription customers that GPUs were sold out, only to decide a day later to make them available to non-members. Oh, and some of those GPUs are exclusive to Best Buy, such as Nvidia’s Founders Edition cards, so you can’t backlist the merchant and try again elsewhere.