10 Best Free Online Animation Softwares

According to recent statistics, animated videos have a more remarkable ability to influence a vast audience. Many educational or business organizations use such animated tactics since they have more power for promotion. However, it is not wrong to say that an effective promotional campaign can bring mind-blowing results to your company.

To cater a smooth process, many online free animation software are available. This article reviews the 10 best animation software for free. 

What the Best Free Animation Apps Should Be?

There are some prominent characteristics that should be viewable and acknowledged while choosing the best free animation app.

  • The best free animation app should have a reasonable price with decent subscription packages. It should provide free packages for the user who only wants to create infographics. 
  • One should check the qualities and features of both 2D and 3D animation offered by the free animation app. 
  • The finest free animation app should have maximum integration with different social media applications to share the animated videos on them easily.
  • The chosen animation app should have an easy-to-use interface so the user base can operate it thoroughly. 
  • It should offer a wide spectrum of customizable options for users to apply to their animation videos. 
  • The best animation app should offer a modest media library that offers reasonable images and other media. 

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10 Best Animation Software Online for Free

The rapid growth of competition in every industry brings new and innovative ideas to promote their services. Animated videos are changing the perspective for promotions. In this part, we will discuss the 10 best animation software online for free. 

1. Doratoon

Creating video animations can be easier if you know how to use Doratoon. It is one of the best animation software that will be helpful to enhance your products’ visibility on the board. This tool enables you to design stunning animations to look more real. Doratoon provides access to its thousands of templates for your business. 

It is an intuitive platform that brings super-easy features to your projects. Doratoon is integrated with an AI dubbing feature, helps users add subtitles, text, and royalty-free music. No matter for what purpose you need an animated video, this tool will always help you create business presentations, tutorials, or explainer videos.

What Makes Doratoon The Best Animation Programs?

Doratoon offers high-quality features, which are as follows.

  • AI Intelligent Dubbing

It is a built-in feature of the tool that automatically converts your text into voice. You can launch an AI synthesis that sets the voiceover on several or current pages using this feature. It also provides you a voice center list to add the voice of your choice. Lastly, the user can also type text to convert it into audio speech.

  • PPT Video Presentation

Doratoon offers you an option to import your PowerPoint presentation into a video. In this way, the user can turn out their educational topic into an interactive video session. It is helpful for better understanding and engagement in your teaching session.

  • Animation Effects

This feature brings real-life moments to your video content. Animation effects enable you to add an object to the drawings. It can be customized further like you can set its speed, direction, path, or motion.

  • Managing The Texts

If you are making any tutorial or explainer video, the text is a vital part of the video. Doratoon offers a simple way to add text to your animated content. You can also do formattings such as underline, italics, strikethrough, shadow, or alignments. Moreover, you can also add animations to your typed text.

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How To Use Doratoon to Make Animated Video Online for Free?

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to continue the editing with Doratoon.

Step 1: Access the Doratonn Workbench

Create your account from the sign-up option available across the official site of Doratoon. Now click the ‘Workbench’ that provides an option for you to create a new video. Go for that option and select any video that you want to create.

Step 2: Begin the Video Editing Process

Initialize the video-making process by accessing different templates, animations, characters, or music. Once you have done all the editing of your video, click ‘Preview’ from the top-right corner. After your satisfaction, you can go for the ‘Export’ button.


Step 3: Fill the Fields and Export

Now you need to verify some information on the ‘Set Export Information’ page. On that page, mark the ‘Use it as cover for MP4 video on local computer’ switch, fill out the relevant fields such as title, description, resolution, and watermark. Lastly, you can choose the ‘OK’ option to export your final product.

2. Blender

It is an open-source animation software that enables you to create favorite animations. With complete access to its advanced features, Blender brings an efficient interface. It provides you with the best 3D technology for all platforms. Blender makes an animation for free, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity to turn your innovative ideas into wonderful pieces.

This animation tool has a built-in cycles render engine that offers realistic rendering and HDR lighting support. Blender can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or Mac. Its powerful simulation and customization tools can enhance your experience as a beginner editor. 

If you are more into Python language, then Blender’s Python API is what you need. Its customizable layout will allow you to adjust fonts, sizes, and colors for creating your animation apps.

3. Crello

Crello is a basic yet extensive animating program that lets the users design intriguing content within some time. It offers you a wide range of animated templates, pre-animated characters, and objects. The user can browse through and use these latest designs to mark up the latest marketing trends for their company. 

Crello does not require high-editing skills to continue with your free animation. It allows you to combine several animated GIFs with dynamic backgrounds for your social media campaign. Additionally, the user can access millions of stock photos and thousands of usable templates for animations. 

This animation software works best for small businesses or marketers. Create presentations, stories, or social media content on the go. However, you are required to use a Crello GIF maker to convert your MP4 video to a GIF.

4. Visme

Visme can be a preferable video editing tool to create educational videos, social media videos, or marketing videos. It is one of the good animation apps that come with plenty of attractive features. Besides this, the user can create video presentations, business proposals, reports, and animated infographics. Based on cloud storage, you can design the online animated content. 

Visme can let you add your other projects in a few clicks. It has an intuitive interface that makes the video creation and editing process easier for beginners too. Browse through dozens of free animations, photos, and stock videos. Moreover, you are allowed to add customizable templates to create simple and stylish videos. 

The free version of Visme can download your final product without any watermark. You can move from simple to professional videos with Visme’s free version. 

5. Adobe Spark

Instantly design, edit, download, or publish your favorite videos on any social media platform. Adobe Spark free version is the simplest animation software to create video posts.  It aims to bring your brand’s story to the world with tons of attractive features. 

Adobe Spark lets you select a template and add a few text styles. You are also enabled to customize templates with the help of several formats. Design creative and professional edits at the ease of the extensive animated video maker. This free animation app can sync your created designs across various devices. 

Equip your company’s social media platform with attractive, easy-to-use, and one-tap guidelines. You can make any animated post with the iOS and Android mobile apps.

6. Biteable

Another free video animated tool-Biteable provides a handy way to create short videos. It includes ads, promos, or social media posts. Biteable lets you make easy, stunning, and free animations. Biteable provides you with an interface from where you can select relevant infographics, effects, or characters. 

The tool supports a wide range of animated effects, characters, and 2D, 3D animation styles. The user can also create their videos using hundreds of professional templates. Furthermore, Biteable will allow its users to share the project with their team and publish it on the platform. 

It is a free animation software able to create engaging marketing videos, demos, or explainer videos. All you need to do is explore the app for designing the stunning final products.

7. Canva

Canva is a popular animated video editing tool that lets you create documents, presentations, or text animations. It has basic editing animation features with several templates of different niches. The app allows six animation styles, out of which you can download your final product in GIF or video format. 

This animation software free contains an asset of paid or free photos, GIFs, or templates. You can organize your work by creating several folders. Canva brings a great experience in collaborating with any person or device. Moreover, you have a great opportunity to design your animated designs with brilliant features. 

Canva is a suitable basic tool that is worthy enough to bring simple animations to your pieces.


As its name depicts, Pencil2D allows the users to design 2D animations. It is an open-source tool that has a traditionally animated workflow. Pencil2D can run on macOS, Linux, or Windows.

This program for animation is suitable for graphic designers that assist them with vector graphics and bitmap. With the simplest user interface, you can add a toolbar for the smooth creative process. It also helps you with vector drawings. Pencil2D is a free animation software that runs on any platform. 

It is a great app for digital artists to create traditional and hand-drawn animations. 

9. Animaker

This animated tool is beneficial for the designing of impressive videos or presentations. Animaker presents six unique and creative video styles to remix. It also offers a huge collection of templates, illustrations, or characters. 

In addition, Animaker also lets you use high animated features including, Camera In and Out and Curve. You can use a range of video styles or whiteboard videos. For good sound effects, the tool enables the user to add 200+ music files.

10. Powtoon

Another online animation software, Powtoon, allows the editors to create interactive videos. It also provides premade graphic assets for the making of presentations and explainer videos. Powtoon is an efficient tool when you want advanced animation controlling options for your required animations. 

The tool also allows the user to add or upload audio files to their animated videos. You can also make tutorials by webcam or screen recording. However, Powtoon is an easy-to-use animating program that will be helpful for beginners. 

Ending Words

The above article has discussed the 10 best animation software online. Several high-end tools offer wonderful features for beginners. However, with the help of Doratoon, you can create basic to professional animated videos. It is a highly preferable tool when you don’t have any detailed knowledge for video making.