Three reasons why you need to buy datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies are made especially for having a completely private IP service and staying anonymous. These proxies are not associated with any kind of Internet Service Providers and are often cheaper than residential proxies with better response rates. The most important point here is the need to buy datacenter proxies as free ones aren’t reliable enough. They might even be blacklisted on specific sites and hence must be avoided.


Three reasons why you need to buy datacenter proxies
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Top three use cases of datacenter proxies

There are a lot of use cases of datacenter proxies like resolving IP address ban or ads confirmation and even academic research. While all this is great, the top 3 use cases of datacenter proxies are as follows:

1) Social Media management

Datacenter proxies are a great medium to have multiple social media accounts without getting banned. With the advent of new algorithms, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter try their best to filter out fake accounts. So, if you want to have multiple ids, it can be easily done with a proxy.

2) Access restricted content

A lot of sites restrict certain content for specific geographic locations. This content can be easily accessed with the use of a datacenter proxy. For this, you will just need to connect with the one that is in the required location. 

3) Checking competitor ads

Datacenter proxies can come in handy for businesses and companies to have the upper hand over the competition. One can connect to different location proxies and check ads for different target audiences and markets. This gives them an idea of what others are doing.

Advantages of using datacenter proxies

It is obvious that one will buy datacenter proxies only if they have a lot of advantages, and that is the case here. Compared to Residential and other proxies, here are a few reasons why you should go for a datacenter proxy:

Advantages of using datacenter proxies

1) Cheap rates

Datacenter proxies can be shared between multiple users, allowing them to split the rates and become affordable. Even in the case of private data center proxies that will be used only by one user, they are much cheaper than residential proxies. 

2) Fast speeds

They are made in such a way that multiple users can use them at once. This is why they support very high bandwidth, even up to 1 Gbps. They are often supported on fast servers and offer excellent service.

3) Easily available

Datacenter proxies are not involved with any internet service providers, which makes it very easy to build. This is why they are very readily available and are also suitable for most purposes, as mentioned in the use cases above. On the other hand, Residential proxies are sold by only a handful of providers, which makes them relatively harder to acquire.

There are a lot of benefits to using Datacenter proxies, and they are worth looking into. It is essential to buy them from reputable providers, which can guarantee support and security while staying away from free ones. Depending on what you need it for and the budget, they are the best option in the market right now.