Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

Best Linux Distributions for Educational Use in 2022

Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

Many software developers use Linux because it is free and open source. Most expert developers choose to work with it because of its sophistication as an operating system. This view is beginning to shift, thanks in large part to the proliferation of more user-friendly Linux distributions. A distribution exists for everyone nowadays, from coders to home users to kids, and there’s even a little something for educational institutions and instructors. Explore the best Linux distributions for youngsters, professors, and schools. Are you a teacher who wants to upgrade the technology in your classroom? Trying to discover the right OS for their children? Or are you simply looking for a nice, open Linux kernel for educational use? If that’s the case, don’t bother looking it up on the internet. Our selection of the greatest Linux distributions for schools is a great place to start, though!

Zorin OS 16 Education

In certain circumstances, Zorin OS has an education version that is specifically suited for schools and colleges. Offline material is abundant in this system allowing students to access educational materials even if they don’t have access to the internet. A Peer-to-peer distributed system is another feature that is supported. Additionally, it contains multiple open-source apps and the capability to download materials from a number of sources, including Khan Academy, in conjunction with the technology underpinning offline-ready content.

Connections through the presentation or a screen using apps like OpenBoard For example, you may discover applications that allow you to compute or arrange items. To accommodate PCs with out-of-date or low-end hardware, Zorin OS Schools offers a Lite edition (based on XFCE). Either with the complete or light version, you can get started with the educational Linux distribution.

Sugar On a Stick

If your intentions are to utilize a college writing service regarding computer operating system themes, you should find the best place to buy an essay for this. A Linux distribution based on Fedora called “Sugar on a Stick” is designed to teach users the basics of the Linux operating system. S.O.A.S. works off of a USB flash drive and is compatible with all current laptops and desktops, including Apple Macs. To make it easier for youngsters to use and navigate around the operating system, the OS uses a customized desktop termed sugar. If you’re looking for a single operating system that can be used by both students and instructors, this operating system may not be the best option. Even so, because of its user-friendly interface designed with young children in mind, it’s a terrific choice for households with little children. Let’s have a look at a few characteristics this system can offer.

  • It can be installed on any Windows PC or Apple device, whilst being able to operate off a USB stick
  • The operating system may be utilized in a classroom or on a home computer since it includes games and instructional applications for children
  • To utilize this operating system on a pc where monitoring may not always be available, the user interface is sophisticated toward youngsters’ needs


Edubuntu is at the top of the list of Linux-based operating systems you should try using for educational purposes. As the name suggests, is an adaptation of the widely used Ubuntu operating system aimed at bringing Ubuntu into educational settings. In terms of educational Linux distributions, Edubuntu is the most popular. The sheer quantity of programs it includes justifies this appreciation. If you’re looking for a lightweight Linux distribution, go no further than the latest Edubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. All of the grade-specific instructional software is accessible via the Software Center. Kindergarten, elementary, intermediate, and postsecondary levels of educational software are all packaged together. Because Edubuntu is based on Ubuntu, it is just as easy to set up as Ubuntu. Mathematicians and scientists will find a wide range of useful uses in this program.


Pupils and professors alike may rest easy knowing that the distribution was created by educators with their needs first in mind. Alternatively, you may use VirtualBox to securely test the distribution without having to install anything. UberMix’s purpose is to make the distribution’s installation and administration as easy as possible. This is why UberMix’s engineers have replaced Ubuntu’s installation process with a faster and more simplified version that makes it much easier to deploy new machines.

Debian Edu/Skolelinux has a better app selection, but this Gnome-based distro has a few good educational programs of its own. In complement to instructional applications, UberMix comes with a variety of IDEs so that you may develop in the environment of your choice. All the standard desktop efficiency programs are included in UberMix, so you may use it for everyday chores as well.

Endless OS

What’s interesting about Endless OS is that even the best college paper writing services can’t tell you enough about this system’s efficiency and value. For students, it’s a prominent Linux distribution. It is based on the Debian operating system and utilizes the GNOME desktop. It’s free to download, but you’re limited to using it on 500 machines each year. For PCs without internet connectivity, the user layout is simple to use and visually appealing.

Offline accessibility to Wikipedia Pages makes it simpler for students to access the information and finish their schoolwork. It’s not only Wikipedia; there are many useful applications for students to finish their assigned work.


DouduLinux is the second most popular Linux distribution on our list. You may download it for free, with no strings attached, without having to spend a thing. It’s unique. For now, there’s no new content, but motivated youngsters may still make use of what’s currently out there. A PC with 256 MB of RAM and an 800MHz CPU is all that is required to operate any version of windows that may be used to install DoudouLinux, such as a PC in our homes.


The idea that Linux is solely for hackers is incorrect. It’s more than that in today’s society. Anyone may simply download and utilize Linux using the software application, including children, families, teenagers, university graduates, and essay writers. There are several reasons for this. Windows dominates the workplace and home environment, while Linux is dominant when it comes to data centers as well as software development, firewalls, cellphones, routers, cloud services; Webhosting; smart homes, and more.