Indian fintech company, BharatPe, got into a major confusion or we can say controversy. The head of control of BharatPe, Madhuri Jain, has recently claimed that she never tendered the resignation it had accepted. Surprisingly, it had found out a small clip of Managing director Grover offering the resignation of Jain at a board meeting on January 19. This gets more confusing as Ashneer Grover also happens to be the husband of Madhuri Jain.

An investigation is been taking place since Madhur Jain believes the company is playing against her. She claimed that the resignation was accepted on the account that she was Ashneer Grover’s wife. She also agrees to resign from the company once this matter is being solved by the experts.

On 10 February she also wrote an application to the Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) to get independent body support. According to that report, she believes that she’s only being used as a “pawn” adding to that “I would like to take this opportunity to remind the board that I am the head of controls at the company, and that my role goes further than just being limited to being the wife of Ashneer,” she said.

The company in response says that Madhuri Jain was supposed to take compulsory leave from 20 January. According to the company, it is just a result of confusion and poor communication between the members.

One can clearly see a number of loopholes in this mystery but so far there hasn’t been much disclosure by the investigation team. It would be wrong to make pre-assumptions in cases like these.