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Big Bang Boom Solutions Secures Rs 1.5 cr from Ministry of Defence

Big Bang Boom Solutions, which is a Chennai based defense tech startup has now secured s 1.5 crore grant for winning the “See Through Armor” challenge by the Ministry of Defence under the Innovations for the Defence Excellence.

As a part of the winner, the startups gets a chance to co-develop the solution along with the Indian Army, and a grant of Rs 1.5 crore. The startup will invest if the grant money into a hedge fund to generate higher returns.

The startup which is founded by the SRM Univerity Alumni Praveen and Shivaraman in May 2018. The startup has come up with a way to use the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies to provide more enhanced artificial intelligence and visual based intelligence cues to tank the crews. The startups expect it to be a gamechanger in the battlefield.

The startup CEO and Co-Founder revealed in a press release that the chosen solution could offer some of the situational awareness to a soldier sitting in an armored tank. When the soldier is an armored tank, then they have the visibility only about what is in front of them. Our solution provides the tank crew an ability to move naturally and almost feel that the armor around them is invisible.

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