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Bill Gates invests big in so-called ‘Clean’ Air Conditioning startup
Blue Frontier says their new AC tech could reduce consumption of energy by 90%

Image depicting Bill Gates

Bill Gates invests big in so-called ‘Clean’ Air Conditioning startup Blue Frontier.
Source: Green tech Media

Reports suggest air conditioning startup Blue Frontier aims to be rather distinct in the coming up with climate solutions. The company is clearly trying to fulfil the dreams of cleaner AC sets with the use of concentrated aslt solutions. Moreover, even the products are so reassuring that Blue Frontier just landed a massive investment from the co founder of Microsoft Corp, Bill Gates.

Climate changes have brought about the heat waves in several parts of the world, making air conditioners a necessity for people. However, the problem with modern tech of these ACs lies in two areas. First of all, its rather unclean owing to its energy intensive natures, emitting greenhouse gases such as hydrofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide. Secondly, with the recurring heat waves, dependence on air conditioners would continue to rise.

Though not yet acclaimed yet by the public, the investment from Gates might attract some popularity. Despite being based on a rather simple form of chemistry, a number of variable is hindering the extensive rollout of this project.

Blue Frontier:

The Air Conditioning startup is essentially based in Florida and puts emphasis on coming up with the next advanced generation of air conditioning tech. Notably, the firm has been claiming that the new system they are developing can lessen the consumption of energy by a maximum of 90%.

Looks like the number is reassuring enough for Microsoft co founder Bill Gates to invest on Blue Frontier. Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which is the clean investment fund of Gates, made an investment of $20 million to the tech startup. Currently, the company is mainly aiming to serve non-residential buildings, along with newer ones which can support a rooftop unit. However, it has not yet provided any indication as to what point their tech could be scaled down to anything similar to a window unit suitable for apartments.

Moreover, a recent report on the startup’s site aids in the illustrations on the process of exactly how their tech works. The company stated that their cooling is generated from a particular proprietary salt solution that essentially acts as a desiccant. Its high concentration comes by means of a heat pump which goes on to evaporate some of the water left inside, and is locked from the environment till air conditioning is in need again. As this concentrated solution is exposed to air, it would dehumidify the aid through the absorption of the water vapour, with the reductions of the temperature of air via an indirect evaporative cooling.




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