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Biography Of Deepak Sharma (Economist and Jurist)

Deepak Sharma (2nd July 1989) is most eminent Economist as well as a Jurist already achieved title as father of Human Resource Economics and father of Contemporary Jurisprudence for inventing H.R. Economic Model and propounded the School of Contemporary Jurisprudence. While H.R. Economic Model is considered as World’s 3rd Economic Model since after Capitalism (Adam Smith) and Communism (Karl Marx) and School of Contemporary Jurisprudence is considering as World’s 5th School of modern jurisprudence in the next series of Analytical, Historical, Sociology and Realism School of Jurisprudence. Deepak Sharma (Abhishek Sharma) belongs to City Hapur (Uttar Pradesh), India



He is the only son of Smt. Prabha Devi and Late Sh. Gajender Pal Sharma.

He has only sister named as Smt. Abhilasha Kaushik, married with Mr. Mohit Kaushik.


Education profile

Deepak Sharma completed his professional Education as Secondary & Senior Secondary from U.P. Board, Allahabad & C.B.S.E. respectively. Thereafter furnished his professional education as

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from CCS University, Meerut, (U.P.), India
  2. Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from ICFAI, Tripura, India
  3. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from CCS University, Meerut, (U.P.), India
  4. Master of Computer Application (M.C.A) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow
  5. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from ICFAI, Tripura, India
  6. Company secretary (C.S. Executive) from Institute of Company Secretaries of India (I.C.S.I), New Delhi, India.


Life journey

During his professional education journey, he percept that jurisprudence, economics and technical (know how) are three intellectual concept, which are mandatory required for development of any civil society or any nation.

Deepak Sharma Quote

He has strong opinion that India is still dependent on western economic concept and British judiciary system, while both of concept are incompetent for India against its actual economic and judiciary requirement. Hence, during 2014, he sacrificed many MNC job packages and decide to invent the new economic and jurisprudence concept, which shall be suitable and competent for Indian Economic and judiciary requirements. 

Deepak Sharma designed the Human Resource Economic Model, considering as World’s 3rd economic concept since after Capitalism (Adam Smith) and Socialism / Communism (Karl Marx). Therefore, Mr. Deepak Sharma designated as father of H.R. Economics.

Deepak Sharma also propounded the School of Contemporary Jurisprudence, which is considered as world’s 5th School of modern jurisprudence (except natural School) in next one for series of –

  1. Analytical School of Jurisprudence
  2. Historical School of Jurisprudence
  3. Sociological School of Jurisprudence
  4. Realist School of Jurisprudence 

Thereafter, Deepak Sharma was designated as father of Contemporary Jurisprudence.

Deepak Sharma started working on H.R Economic Model and Contemporary Jurisprudence during starting of 2014 and completed aforesaid assignments at end of December 2015.

On dated 15 July 2019, aforesaid Economic Model and concept of Jurisprudence was introduce at Press Club of India, Delhi, through a press conference.


Human Resource Economic Model at glance

Mr. Deepak Sharma is first economist, who codified that human resource is an absolute as well as hugest asset Worldwide and he claim aforesaid asset could be converted and utilised into monetary fund. For aforesaid conversion, he proposed new economic system in term of manpower grid economic concept.

In H.R. Economic Model, four pillars based economic concept was introduced first time, as Manpower Grid, Stock Exchange, revenue ministry and Central Bank. While Manpower grid shall be capable for evaluate the human resource into number of unit, thereafter aforesaid unit to be converted into monetary fund through various valuation methods, thereafter aforesaid monetary fund shall be utilised for economic activity. In H.R. Economic Model, valuation method, 15 new H.R. accounting standards, 5 new H.R. Economic standards, National H.R. Economic structure, was introduced first time. H.R. Economic Model is first economic model, which claims for run accounting and economic standard simultaneously. 

H.R. Economic Model was designed upon five basic points as agriculture, medical, education, manufacturing, and service sector.

By using tools and methods of H.R. Economic Model, he was succeed to deliver the 15 trillion dollars GDP economic project to Govt. of India.

 H.R. Economic Model is next generation economic concept against Capitalism or Socialism / Communism considered by various economists.


Contemporary Jurisprudence at a glance

Deepak Sharma is first jurist, who declined the current two level democratic structure public and parliamentary / legislative assembly structure, on the ground that personal interest of elected person( as member of parliament or member of legislative assemblies) remains differ from public interest. In same regard, he propound 3 level democratic structure, as Public/Society, Representative of the society and Parliament / Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Deepak Sharma is first jurist who declined the Bar Bench judicial proceeding system, on the ground of decentralized judicial proceeding. He propounded world’s 1st centralised judicial trial proceeding called as Just-in Trial (J.I.T). Where a group of jurist claim that J.I.T shall be 25 times faster and 20 times more transparent against bar branch judicial proceeding. In J.I.T, all judges are considered as non-independent member of court, while a new judicial official as Chartered Law Officer introduced as independent judicial official of court.


Mr. Deepak Sharma also propounded various new jurisprudence concept in the history of mankind such as 

  1. First time introduced the Degree of Democracy concept in jurisprudence. 
  2. Introduced the 5 stages of judiciary system development.
  3. Introduce the partition of law into 5 segment and 5 type of law making procedure through three level democratic structure and many more.

Aforesaid jurisprudence material has been codified under a new school of jurisprudence likewise known as School of Contemporary Jurisprudence.

Thereafter Mr. Deepak Sharma designated as father of Contemporary Jurisprudence.


Inspiration of Life

Smt. Prabha SharmaAccording to Mr. Deepak Sharma, his mother Smt. Prabha Sharma (Teacher) inspired and encouraged him for denying the huge M.N.C job packages and encouraged to him to perform National duty first, his mother providing financial assistance to complete the concept of H.R. Economic Model and Contemporary Jurisprudence project since 2013.



Supportive Person of life

Deepika SharmaMiss Deepika Sharma is most eminent member of H.R. Economic Model. She is only person, who designed entire H.R. Agriculture Sector Model, which was very important and crucial part of H.R. Economic Model, she estimated first time in the history, for up to ₹ 395 lacs crore required for converting unorganised agriculture sector into organised agriculture sector of India.


Impact on India and Mankind

After introduce H.R Economic Model, India has been became as 3rd eminent nation since after America and U.S.S.R, which introduced new Economic Model, since after introduce the School of Contemporary Jurisprudence, India has been became as 4th nation since after U.K, Germany and America, in matter attended intellectual capability of Jurisprudence,

If H.R. Economic Model succeed, in that case, India shall be became as new economic pole since after America (Capitalism) and U.S.S.R (Communism), and Contemporary Jurisprudence shall be sufficient for Indian Democratic and Judicial revolution.

While Mankind shall be benefited itself in term for get rid of poverty, unemployment and corruption.



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