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Finstreet : The rising Edtech in Financial Education

It is often in uncertain times that we learn essential skills. 

The physical and mental insecurity being pushed by the current pandemic has made people aware of the importance of preparedness. Financial security is one of the most crucial aspects of one’s life which makes financial management a skill that everyone should have. 

There are very few platforms out there that provide a safe space to people who want to educate themselves in finance from scratch. One such platform is Finstreet. 

Finstreet is deemed India’s Most Trusted Finance Coaching Platform. It was founded in 2015 by Bandhul Bansal, an entrepreneur-turned-finance coach. The primary objective behind Finstreet is to eliminate financial illiteracy from India. They aim to achieve this by making vital knowledge about the finance sector accessible and coherent to the masses.

Long before its inception, the founder of Finstreet, Bandhul, had been guiding people on how to manage their finances. He had silently taken on the responsibility of educating his peers about investing and savings. 

“It is not just for those coming from specific backgrounds; the understanding of finance is for everyone who now, or in the future, sees himself owning money, which includes every person in the world. Adopting healthy financial habits is very important if one wishes to secure a bright future for oneself,” says Bandhul.

On the path to achieving its goal, Finstreet has conducted countless workshops and seminars to spread awareness and start a dialogue about the importance of financial management. They have led workshops in several prestigious institutions including IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Gandhinagar and BITS Pilani amongst others.

“The safest way to rid yourself of a problem is to nip it in the bud. It is in our formative years that we should pick up a lot of habits that stay with us forever. This is why it was important for us to start by enlightening young minds,” says Bandhul.

A problem with most finance coaching platforms is their use of complex terms. Understanding these terms requires a background in finance, which not everyone has. Through Finstreet, Bandhul wants to solve this problem by making simple content which is comprehensible to his viewers. If you’re looking for some academic help related  to finance, Thesishelpers.com can will be more helpful.

Finstreet’s latest accomplishment, Cryptonite, was an online seminar where crypto amateurs learned all about this new and exciting asset class. This 3-day webinar included a detailed lecture on cryptocurrency, its market, trends and investment patterns. Bandhul also used a practical approach so that, along with the theoretical part,  his students could also understand the application of their knowledge. His use of Hindi, which the viewers were more comfortable with as opposed to English, and a real-time presentation of how to analyse market trends and buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies made this course even more informative and engaging. 

“Cryptonite stands to be one of our most successful events. It was this webinar that gave our students an ROI of 647% approximately,” says Sahil Thakur, the head of Business Development at Finstreet.

After the incredible success of Cryptonite, Finstreet has introduced two more courses that will help people understand the crypto and stock market.

Finstocks is a three-week-long course which is perfect for anyone who wishes to make their debut in the stock market. In addition to giving practical knowledge available to people, it also includes strategies for long term investing in the stock market and information on trading freely traded financial markets. This online course is powered by 5Paisa and holds a lot of utility in today’s market.

Cryptonext is a cryptocurrency course which will also last a duration of three weeks. Powered by the crypto exchange WazirX, this online program focuses on building one’s understanding of the cryptocurrency market. This course includes an in-depth explanation of cryptocurrency trading, the proper know-how of building a profitable portfolio and various strategies one can employ to earn exponential returns on one’s investments. 


A point of note for each of these courses is that they are available online for the viewers to complete at their own pace. There is no pressure to keep up with the rest of the students; they can take their time with each lecture and proceed at their convenience. Participants will also be provided with a certificate upon completion of these courses. 

These courses are well-suited for beginners, including those who have no prior experience in the field of finance. This is because these courses have been uniquely designed to educate people coming from all walks of life. They use Hindi, with subtitles in English, so that more individuals can profit off of these highly educational lectures.

According to Bandhul, this is only the beginning. Finstreet aims to make more such courses on various asset classes available to the masses. Their aim is to spread the fiscal word all over India, including the tier 3 and tier 4 cities.

“We dream of an India with a 100% financial literacy rate. An important way to do this is by understanding why this figure is so low in the first place. The passive treatment of financial knowledge by our education system is why more students are interested in calculus than they are in financial management, something they are 100x more likely to use than the former in their life,” says Bandhul. “All courses available on our platform have been created keeping in mind the financial understanding of the layman. Most of our students have been able to make good investment decisions after attending our seminars which means we are definitely on the right track. We will always move forward with the idea to build a generation which is financially secure and continue creating more content for our viewers to this end.”


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