In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin surpasses Facebook
Image Source: U Today

Bitcoin surpassed Facebook in market capitalization

When Bitcoin first arrived on the scene, few people were likely convinced of what it represented or whether it had any future. So you can see that you have to say never and that things change at a faster rate every day, we’d like to inform you about what happened recently with this cryptocurrency’s market capitalization. According to Asset Dash, Bitcoin recently surpassed Facebook in market capitalization, with more than $ 930,997,463,237 at the time of this writing.

In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin surpasses Facebook
Image Source: Eleven News

Despite minor price fluctuations earlier this year, Bitcoin’s value has continued to climb. Bitcoin increased by more than 360 percent last year, compared to only 22 percent for Facebook.

Before striving to become the world’s most valuable asset, Facebook is the next big thing to overcome Bitcoin. It’s worth noting that this is a comparison between Facebook, a publicly listed company, and Bitcoin, a monetary asset and distributed network.

Facebook Vs Bitcoin

In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin surpasses Facebook
Image Source: U Today

Bitcoin was the best-performing asset in the previous decade, making BTC the best-performing asset now. By comparing BTC to prominent stocks, it is evident that Bitcoin is steadily ascending to the top of the list.

Bitcoin is presently in sixth place, just behind Amazon, after passing Facebook. The following challenges will be in sequence after that: The order is Google, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, and Apple.

What can we expect from BTC?

Bitcoin is prepared to rise higher than it is today as we enter the fourth quarter of the year. Some analysts point out that Bitcoin typically performs well in the fourth quarter of the year, or at least has in prior years.

The present bull market began in the fourth quarter of 2020, and we are still in it today. Many foresee an even higher advantage in the fourth quarter as a result of a variety of factors, such as central banks expanding the money supply or El Salvador turning it to legal cash, and so on.

Similarly, Bitcoin whales have been mostly stockpiling over the last few weeks. You may read more about it in-depth in one of our earlier stories. But, in the end, what happens in the fourth quarter of 2021 is anyone’s estimate at this point, and anything might happen.

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