Bitcoin Titles on the Crypto Gaming Market

You’ll come across several game titles that have gained legendary fandoms throughout the years. Naturally, developers from any company have produced various games to suit the needs of millions of consumers. That’s why some titles are available for PC or consoles or both. Mobile gamers are gamers but only because they use mobile devices.

Still, the gaming industry doesn’t lose its shine. It’s its ability to incorporate various trends that keeps it on its toes. As graphics and gameplay advanced so did your standard computer, laptop, console, and gaming mobile device. The rise of cryptocurrency gave gamers a new way to pay for gaming products and services.

However, blockchain technology inspired them to create a brand new gaming market – the crypto gaming market. Therefore they created a new type of gamer dubbed the crypto gamer. Bitcoin is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies out there. As such it has inspired game companies to produces a few titles.

Naturally, they didn’t stick to a particular genre and made sure to diversify their products. In other words, you can expect more than one type of Bitcoin game. So, if you’re looking for some title to jump into here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

The first game on this list can be classified as an educational game. Bitcoin Hero is a trading simulator for trading with said cryptocurrency and it is particularly useful for anyone looking to start Bitcoin trading. You’ve got virtual currency to buy assets with, as well as tools to analyze the market with.

The other players will be your competition. Also, the game uses real-time data for prices of assets so you’ve got yourself a pretty good simulator. What this game aims to teach is how to make important decisions in given situations that will make you or break you as a trader.

Sometimes making such a decision is hard. Luckily, you can rely on trading platforms to make the decisions for you. You can come across several such platforms online. For example, you can invest with Bitcoin Rush. All you need to do is make an account and make the minimum deposit. Afterward, you will go over a few tutorials so you can better understand the trading bot. After that, you’ll be able to set it and try out a live session. In other words, you can let it trade for you.

Spells of Genesis

Unlike the previous entry, this isn’t a trading simulator. Spells of Genesis is a trading card game based on blockchain technology. It’s also a trading card game so you’ll have lots of fun with it. The objective of this title is simple: beat as many opponents as you can.

Thanks to the blockchain you can keep what you’ve won. To bolster your deck you can purchase cards via Bitcoin. All in all, it’s a nice game to play after a hard day. In other words, Spells of Genesis will help you wind down.

Merge Cats

It’s pretty clear what you’ll need to do in this one. It’s right there in the title. This means that you’ll see cats in various shapes and sizes. Your job is to match the same ones. You’ll get points for doing so and even prizes.

Merge Cats also comes with its daily and weekly challenges. If you’re up for it you can complete them and you’ll be rewarded accordingly. The rewards are real Bitcoin so it’s a great motivation to try out these challenges. You’ll compete and win something useful.


This is another trading card game that’s based on blockchain technology. You’ll get cards and collectibles from 6 factions and these will help you beat your opponents. Strengthening your deck by buying strong cards via Bitcoin is also possible. You’ll duel other people and the victor will take the spoils.


When you go through the history of gaming you’ll see just how much the industry has evolved. The history of graphics alone will tell you just how far it has come. Mobile gaming and VR are becoming more common and in time so will Bitcoin. Crypto gamers will be able to enjoy various Bitcoin titles on the market and could use the cryptocurrency for purchases.