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Bitcoin will value $ 1 million per coin by 2030: cathie wood

As per the recent interviews at Bloomberg by Cathie wood, Who is the CEO of ark invest.  The company ark invest has been working in the Crypto market investment options. She mentioned that the prices of cryptocurrency Bitcoin will serve in the near future and they might go up to $1 million per coin in the next decade. 

Who is Cathie wood?

Cathy wood is a 66 years old American investor and also the founder of a cryptocurrency and digital assets investment platform ark invest. She founded Ark investment 8 years back in 2014 and As of February 2021, Ark investment company is having approximately $50 billion in assets under management although, by the first quarter of 2022, the assets of Ark investment had dropped to $15.9 billion, after a period of poor performance of the investment company.

Bitcoin will value $ 1 million per coin by 2030: cathie wood

source : cnbc.com

The company Ark investment also called ARK works in the areas of investment in disruptive technology. In which the company works on the startups or the company investments options of the new and aspiring trends in the technologies like artificial intelligence technology, DNA sequencing technology, CRISPR gene editing technology, robotics technology, electric vehicles technology, energy storage technology, fintech startups or companies, 3D printing technology, and blockchain technology. The company has also poured its funds into the emerging trend of cryptocurrencies.

The company ark investments have been investing in the which has the durability of five years means projects which can fetch double its investments in value over a five-year period. From the time period of 2014 to 2021, the ARK Innovation fund, which is established by ark investments as an ETF was able to give approximately 39% return on investment on the annual basis. 

This return was seen as three times the return from the investment on return of the S&P 500 during that time. As the companies like investment firms are not allowed to hold funds in context to taxes, Ark investments the firm also invests in a number of Big Tech companies stocks which the executive of the ark mentions as cash-like innovation stocks in its investment portfolios.

ARK investment form publishes various reports for the current analysis, transactions, and portfolios, and also opens its research reviews to the public domain for various companies. Along with this, the company is having well-equipped and knowledgeable data scientists and computer scientists who are of the view of believing that they can better assess the impact of disruptive technologies in the near future. Cathie wood is a visionary in investment and has been using her huge carrier experience to work on future trend of investments trends. 



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