BlinkIt surprises users with a weird new service

We are living in an era where technological advancements have reached such a point that you can get anything at your doorstep. Whether it be food or groceries or medicines, all you need is a phone. Those familiar with online delivery services will not be strangers to Zomato-owned BlinkIt. And BlinkIt has come up with a new rather bizarre service where it delivers printouts. Yes, you heard it right. BlinkIt is all set to deliver printouts to users. All you have to do is own a smartphone and you will have printouts of documents delivered to your doorstep or any specified address. Thanks to BlinkIt and its innovative streak, the lack of a printer won’t stop you from getting printouts anymore. Read along to know more.


The What and Why

Innovation and creative thinking are the fuels that run a business. If you wish to hold your footing in the business domain, thinking out of the box is imperative. This is exactly what BlinkIt did with its new printout delivery service.

“We at BlinkIt are giving printouts in minutes in a few areas now. Have never had a printer at home and getting it from a cyber cafe or library or neighbors or offices have always been cumbersome especially when it’s needed at the point of approaching deadline,” says Jitesh Goyal, the product manager at BlinkIt.

The best part of this service is that it doesn’t have a minimum order limit. Even if it is a single sheet of paper, worry not, BlinkIt has got your back. What is intriguing about the service is the fact that in addition to innovation, it takes into account the needs of people.

The customer will have to pay Rs.9 each for black and white documents. If you need a colored printout, then you will have to pay Rs.19 per printout. In addition to this, a delivery fee of Rs.25 will also apply. Although the delivery fee might be a bit over the line, the imbalance is canceled out by the convenience of having printouts delivered to the doorstep. All you have to do is upload the specific document on the BlinkIt app, choose the specifications, and then make the payment for the same. And the delivery will be made in minutes. And once the printouts are taken, the documents will be deleted from the BlinkIt server thus ensuring the safety of the documents.