Bloodystealer Trojan

Bloodystealer Trojan attacks Steam, Epic, and GOG

Bloodystealer Trojan is a new type of malware that attacks Steam, Epic, and GOG and steals bank details, device information, screenshots, passwords, and other personal information. The Trojan, named by researchers BloodyStealer, has stolen sessions from Bethesda, Epic Games, GOG, Origin, Steam, Telegram, and Vimeworld. The Trojan collects data in log files that contain session information, browser cookies, and screenshots, which can be used to access victims’ accounts.

Bloodystealer Trojan

BloodyStealer is one of many tools available on the Darkweb to steal player accounts. This tool is just of the many tools that hackers use to get inside the gaming market. Although malware poses a serious threat to players, it is just one of the many tools available on the DarkWeb to steal their accounts.

The crooks used BloodyStealer malware to hack into online accounts of players all over the world and steal their card details. Accounts hijacked by Steam, the online gaming platform where hackers can steal passwords, are a serious problem that is said to have increased twenty-fold since 77,000 Steam accounts were hacked earlier this month.

According to the researchers, the BloodyStealer malware was first spotted online in March this year, it was up for sale on a Russian dark web hacker’s forum. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Coin has discovered a new advanced trojan, sold in Russian-language underground forums as “BloodyStealer,” and says it discovered the malware in a sale ad in March 2021 for a daily attractive price of 700 Russian Rubles which is less than 10 US bucks to get a month or a lifetime price of $40.

Bloodystealer Trojan
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In March this year, experts from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky discovered ads for the new malware named BloodyStealer and said it was able to steal device data, bank card data, cookies, passwords, files, and much more from various big gaming sites like Steam, Epic, GOG and many more.

Kaspersky researchers have discovered a new malware called BloodyStealer that is used by threat actors to steal accounts from various gaming platforms, including Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Galaxy Origins, and more. Hackers have previously used malicious software to steal user accounts from big gaming platforms such as Epic Games, GOG, and Steam. The BloodyStealer Trojan broke into Epic Games and Steam accounts and stole personal information such as bank details and passwords.

Kaspersky added that the tool offers value in terms of data stolen and sold on the darknet by players, due to features such as extraction of browser passwords, cookies, and environmental information as well as accessing information related to online gaming platforms. It is relatively new to the market compared to other existing malware tools, and after analyzing available telemetry data we found the detection of the tool in the region of Europe, Latin America, and the APAC region.